Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shut er down

Emma & Faith

I think it is time to close our boarders completely to everybody while we assess the damage that has been done already.  We have over eight million illegal Mexicans running free in this country.  The key word here is, illegal.  
Lets look at the damage.  Not only are they here illegally, but they entered like cowards, sneaking around border crossings.  Grounds for being shot on sight as far as I am concerned.
Then they get sick or hurt and who pays the medical bills?  The rest of us do, driving up already high medical insurance that Obama says we must have.  But the illegal Mexicans are not required to have health insurance.
Let's see, then they send these children to our public schools that we pay for with our tax dollars, but they don;t have to pay anything at all, which drives up our taxes.
They work hard, but then they send a good portion of that money to their families in Mexico so they can sneak more members across the boarder, illegally.
Eight Million!!!  That is more than all the people who live in Chicago.  We are approaching a majority in this country that can not vote, because they are here illegally.
If this doesn't make you want to close the borders and clean house then you have got sawdust between your ears.
We have a serious problem here folks.  And morons like Obama need to be removed from office ASAP.
Romney is no better and will only continue where the moron left off.

Friday, June 29, 2012

This about sums it up

Sent to me by friend, Gary

Thursday, June 28, 2012

No longer proud to be an American

Another blow for freedom in the U.S. came with the liberal Supreme Court decision on Obama's health care requirements, forcing everyone to shell out money for insurance even though they don't need it or can't afford it.
More forced insurance payments.  This Government works for the insurance companies.
This is a sad day for America.  The corrupt Government has infiltrated the Supreme Court.  There is no one left to keep things in check.
I will be damned if i am going to go along with this program, law or no law.  The laws are no longer made for the people, they are made for politicians that gets money from big business to finance their campaigns.
The people are no longer controlling their government as it was meant to be.
The second Amendment was not written to allow people to keep guns for hunting, it was written to allow people to keep guns so they could protect themselves from governments like this one.
It is time to stand up, grab your gun and take it back from the idiots that no longer work for us.

We need something new

Erin (e-string)

David Swanson wrote:
"You know what is going to happen if we leave this election up to the two major party candidates. President Obama will defend his troop surges, his excessive Pentagon budgets, his preparations for war with Iran,  his escalation of the drone wars, his crackdowns on whistleblowers, his indefinite detention policy, and his new role as manager of the White House assassination list. Mitt Romney will not question these policies, but will promise to pursue them with even more enthusiasm."
And I agree with him 100%.   Maybe there is some karma in the two of us having the same name.
At any rate, he is pushing for Dr. Jill Stein for president in the upcoming election.  She is going to be the Green Party candidate.
I am not that familiar with Dr. Stein so I won't make my view on her public.  I have seen too many people in the past rush in and speak up in favor of a candidate not knowing anything about that person, only to look like a complete fool months later.

I do know that if either Obama or Romney get in this country is in deep doo-doo.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shifting directions

Superfluous Nude
This year I have decided to scale back my juried art show entries.  I have about five pages worth for artist history statements and such and am in need of no more.  There will be a few entered, but not like years past.
I will be concentrating my efforts to over seas galleries this year, and the next five years, may I live that long.  I have only had three solo shows over seas, and four group shows shown over seas.  It is time to pay some serious attention in that area.

This image is of Sarah Jean during one of our many travel shoots we had gone on.  Taken somewhere in Missouri at a place we camped for the night along a nice stretch of river with high bluffs.  She was out washing in the river when I got the urge to break out the 4X5 film camera and grab a shot from where our campsite was.  I was more interested in that bluff than her, but I just can't seem to take a photo without a nude woman in it somewhere.  A sort of, Where's Waldo image to be sure.
I am not sure just why I cropped it like I did, but I probably had some reason at the time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Civil War is a brewing

The Obama administration just fired the first shot.  What an asshole.  But, I am tickled pink!
He just set in motion Civil War II, and it is high time.  There will now be a division of the states that think the Government is no longer doing its job from the liberal, idiot states.  It will be somewhat a north against south war, but there will be a mix in there that will cause lines to be drawn around each state and not just north and south.  It will be a mess, and I am so looking forward to it.
It will allow people to live in states that uphold the laws on the books or live in states where the Government does whatever it feels like doing, despite what the laws say.
It will be one where you can live in a state controlled by morons that currently run Government or live in states that will eventually have a new Government that works like it was meant to work, for the people.
Of course this will be over the course of several years, but the ball is now rolling.
Go Jan Brewer!!!   Go!!!!!

Jan Brewer for president of the "New Republic States of America".

Monday, June 25, 2012

Worthless form of government

Arizona is the nation's most heavily traveled corridor for illegal immigration and smuggling.
"The national government has significant power to regulate immigration," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that struck down most of SB1070.
Oh yeah?  Then why don't they use that authority, cuz it ain't working, moron.
What he was really saying is, We are not going to uphold the laws on the books that we are suppose to uphold because it will piss off Mexico.  Therefore, Arizona can't uphold those laws either, else it will interfere with all the Government kickbacks they get for allowing all the big businesses work out of Mexico.
So the U.S. Government will not uphold laws on the books, and they will break the laws by killing people and holding people without due process.  And we are suppose to pay the least bit of attention to this clown Government?
Just what makes Obama (insert Bush; Cheney; or any number of others) any different than Saddam Hussein?
Maybe it is time for some other country to launch an attack on the U.S. and take over the Government like we have done to so many other countries, because it is no different than those we have invaded.
Maybe it is time for us to start learning Chinese...

Another from the film days.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still raining

I agree 100% with what is stated here.
If you do not give some consideration to the drone program, you should.  We tend to not give it much thought because it does not affect us, nor do we give it much thought because we have no one there being shot or blown up.  But we kill people without charging them with a crime.  We kill people without a trial.  We kill people without even being there ourselves.  Done from some office chair on a different continent.
Now this Government wants to fly drones over "us".
There are more people out there who don't care and will not even bother to read the article.  These are the people who are wrecking the world.  These are the people who are allowing this Government to run a muck.  And these are the ones who will scream like crushed owls when some country that has been bombarded with drone missiles sent by some person in a million dollar office 10 thousand miles away, retaliates and blows something up here.
If people really wanted to stop terrorist attacks on the U.S. they would stop the reason for the attacks.  And that would be this Government's illegal, and immoral acts it performs in other countries.

On a different note:  I miss Abigail.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not much news worthy today....yet.

Crazy Horse
Abigail and I were playing near the Badlands in South Dakota one year and stopped at this field just to the east.  I was having a brain fart and was drawing a blank on what we could do there with the hills in the background.  Abs took over, as she usually does and we did a few things that were pretty neat.  My favorite however was her climbing over the five foot high barb wire fence naked.  Maybe I will share that someday, but for now it remains in my private collection.

Friday, June 22, 2012

As far as I'm concerned, anybody who lives south of Hwy. 2 lives in Iowa.

Eve, before the apple thing.
If you have been following the news you no doubt know that it is a bit damp up here in northern Minnesota.
To give you an idea of how idiotic city people are, there are people from Minneapolis heading up here with hope of capturing a penguin and taking it home as a pet.  I'm not kidding.
I-35 from the Twin Cities is jammed with cars coming to Duluth in hopes of catching a penguin.
There are no penguins.  But some wiseguy said there were and you can imagine what kind of story that turned into when it got to Minneapolis.
Now I ask you.... Do you think there is a brain among all these people?  
The rest of them can't start their BMWs or they would be on their way as well.
T'is a bit moist here however.  Tree frogs are loving it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where is the, "I Like Donkeys" flag?

GM sold their last vehicle to me.  They are flying a Gay Pride flag in front of their operation.
I have spoken many times on this subject.  I have nothing against gay people.  I have nothing against people who want to have sex with donkeys, as long as the donkey doesn't object.
I do have a problem with why it has to be shoved in everyone's face.  GM doesn't fly a Straight People flag.  And they don't fly a Sex With Donkey's flag.  Why must we be forced to look at a Gay Pride flag?   What makes this sexual oddity any different than any other sexual oddity that it needs its own flag run up on a pole in front of a car manufacturer, or a normal sexual behavior for that matter?
What is going on with the world?  I'm ready to get off if they would only pull it over for a minute.
Be happy with your sexual interests, but don't shove them down everyone's throat.  That is going to change my view from, "I don't care about your sexual oddity" to "You people are really pissing me off".

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If you don't live in a sewer like us...we will force a sewer upon you.

Near Weaver's Needle
On the one hand you have Obama letting illegal entry into this country a free ride.  Then on the other hand you have this bill, that lets border patrol drive all over land that has been set aside for people who want some escape from this idiotic Government.  On top of that you have this bill, that lets hunters and fishermen run motors in this same area.  Then we have this battle, that lets a big, ugly tower to be erected in the same area.  And....if you can believe it, we have this.
All told the Government is attempting to run the BWCA out of business.  An area that was set aside as one of the few wilderness areas left where motors, cell phones, machinery, logging, mining, and all other forms of human contamination were free from impact.  A place where reasonable people could escape from asshole city people.
But the asshole city people are bent on ruining that too.  Everything they touch turns to shit.
Every town of more than 5,000 people should be offered up for sacrifice to whatever gods are out there.
They contain nothing but vermin that infect all that was once good. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

I don't care if you are an American or not. You can't come in.

Another 4X5 Tri-X image.  This one looks like the negative has seen better days and I am wondering if it got wash long enough after the fix.  Hmmmm....
I probably should have scanned it in B&W rather than color mode, but I am basically a lazy bastard and don't care to fiddle with settings.

Obama said, You can sneak into this country like a terrorist that is on the no fly list would do, but since you are a Mexican, and we need to be on good terms with Mexico because all our companies have moved there, we will let you stay.
Way to Go, Obama!!!  You idiot!
Laws only apply to certain people.  Try sneaking into Mexico once and see what prison you end up in.
Or, try and get back into this country without your passport.  Try it once.  The U.S. Government will not let you in.  But if you are Mexican you are welcome and can stay for as long as you like, can skip the line of people waiting to get approval to enter and go around.  Anybody but me see something terribly wrong with that?
Morons run this country, and it looks like we will have at least four more years of it, one way or another.
The liberals will give the whole country away and allow the weird and strange to take over.  I only wish they could be forced to remain around to see the damage they have, and will have caused.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One more defense against revolt

Sweet Potato Cheesecake

The U.S. has taken one more step to ensure defense against revolt in this country.  See this article.  It will scare the socks off of you, if you have any sense at all.
Military drones flying in the U.S. airspace.  Why?  What possible use could the military have for flying drones over the United States?  
They can spy on us and they can shoot at us.  
This ought to scare you to hell and back.  It does me.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Annual model search

Beginning my search for a summer model to work with me this year.  Always a tough thing to find in this part of the northwoods.

Friday, June 15, 2012

negative 1

I'm back in electric.  Feels nice.  Hot showers are a good thing.

We knew THIS was coming.  And who believes they didn't have all this information before the State of Minnesota sold their soul to the mining company two weeks ago?
Asshole politicians.

I love it when a person who called me a crappy photographer and a moron forgets and now sends me a friends request on Model Mayhem.  
I will enjoy my response to him with the utmost pleasure.

Made the 16 hour Twin Cities trip with dad-in-law yesterday.  That V.A. Hospital is run about as well as the Post Office.  One of the biggest money wasting machines this Government has.  But it has always been about creating Government jobs at all cost.  And mostly those Government jobs waste ten times the amount of money a private job of the same caliber would use, with less effectiveness.    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Digital is just a passing fad

Here is one from my sheet film days.  I do believe this was a 4X5 on Tri-X shot at 200 iso.  Then a quick development in HC110 (Dil B) for 1 minute 45 seconds.  A hot mix where you must work with complete accuracy and haste.    When done right it produces some of the finest black and white images available.  Far better than any digital, I don't care what the digital people say about being better than film.   Not even with their 20 thousand dollar backs.
Of course on a computer monitor it makes no difference.  Not until you stand next to a 36 inch print do you see the flaws of digital work.
And to save your typing fingers, please do write and tell me how great digital is these days and how it is better than film.  You would be talking to a deaf ear and can't convince me.  I have had too many art shows where digital images stood next to film images and there is a world of difference between the two, and digital always looses.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Parts is parts

Not every image needs the whole girl in it.  In this instance I was more concerned with the ferns.  Of course you can't just photograph ferns, so a portion of a model needed to be in there at least.

I have been without electricity for the last 60 hours.  Sucks!
Nice to have a coffee shop near by with internet access.
60 mph winds on Sunday pretty much wiped out the electric lines around here.  Mine is lying on the bottom of the lake.  It is suppose to be 50 feet over the lake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So why were we there?

South Vietnam could not fall under control of North Vietnam.  That would be terrible and we had to do everything possible to stop it.
So we sent fifty eight thousand boys to their death, lost terribly and pulled out of the conflict.  South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam and it is now just Vietnam.  
They seem to be getting on quite well there.  Actually it has become a tourist destination for Americans.  
Recently we were shown THIS where Secretary of Defense, Panetta and Minister of Defense, Thanh exchanged letters of servicemen, hugged, shook hands and appeared good friends.
So why did we send those 58 thousand boys over there to be killed?
Seems it was not so terrible after all.  
Maybe wars are a way for the U.S. Government to control population.  When you get too many young people who are beginning to buck the system, send them off to war to be killed off.

I was not around for World War II.  Not many of us were.  in my lifetime I have seen everything from Korea on through Afghanistan, and I suspect I will be around when we fight in Syria.  None of it has made a bit of sense.  Useless deaths by the thousands with nothing what so ever to show for it.
War is a way for the Government to funnel money into the defense however.  From their standpoint war is needed or we would have an excess of money and then our dollar value would decline on the world market.  Best to kill off a few thousand boys, and now girls and keep our economy barely rolling along.

I wonder, in 25 years will be be hugging and exchanging papers with Afghanistan's Defense Minister at some State Dinner?  Will Afghanistan be a place American's will want to go on vacation?    
I suspect so.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happiness is...

Summer is here and the tree frogs are going nuts.  The pond is full of tad poles learning how to steer their bodies around so they go where they want them to go.
The loons hatched out a young one yesterday but the eagle came by for lunch and that was the end of that.
The gardens are all in (flower and veggie) and the weather has finally turned warm enough for thing to start taking off.
This morning I smoked a northern that I caught last evening and it turned out rather well, I must say.
I'm sitting in my screen house with my feet up and a cigar going.  All is right with the world.  At least right here and right now.  The rest of the world is screwed up completely however.  Nice to have my little haven away from it.

One of the shots I took of Sarah in Madison when I passed through on my trip.  What a wonderful person she is, and I could spend hours just chatting with her.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

TSA should be held accountable

THIS is a case of stupidity where TSA should be held accountable to all those who suffered for two hours while they held up people's lives.
If airport security where anything like Government healthcare there wouldn't even be airport security at all.  The Government would consider a plane lost to a bomber once or twice a year was acceptable loss.
But TSA has created hundreds of thousand of jobs.  Government jobs, but jobs none the less.  It also created Homeland Security that is as big or bigger a joke.  So much tax payer money thrown down the drain to make the Government bigger than it already is.
Some people out there might feel safer with TSA and Homeland Security.  The weak minded fools.

Another candid shot of the sleeping Elan.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Class act update

The gal I spoke of yesterday responded with a message.  
" fucking bastard. Go fuck yourself...I HOPE you repost this."
So there it is, at the request of Edith J.
She likes to use the word, ADULT, as though she has the least bit of understanding of what it means.
Had she come to me as an ADULT with concerns about being on my list I probably would have removed her.  But she didn't.  She came as the spoiled little child that she is with her, DICK comment, ensuring she will remain on that list forever.  With an asterisk from now on.

This trip was a departure from my normal style of shooting in many ways.  I shot models with clothes on, I shot models with equipment, I shot couples, and I shot models looking alert and posed.  Normally my models are relaxed and appear dead or near death.  Here Elan looks alive and posed.  I am not overly fond of this type of thing but the models like it for their portfolios so I am willing to give them a few this way.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A real class act

I don't know if you remember but last year I scheduled a model from Minneapolis to work with me at a State Park on the St. Louis River just south of Duluth.  I drove three and a half hours to get there.  Stopped and bought enough food for two days.  Bought park fees, camping fees, and got there well ahead of time so I could set up camp.  Then I spent a few hours hiking about, scouting the areas where we could work.
She showed up and said it was too cold to work and left.
I spent the rest of the day hiking about and then slept in the tent that night.  The next day I took camp apart and headed home.
All in all it cost me about $300.
I post on my M.M. portfolio a list of models such as this one that have cost me days and hundreds of dollars for naught.
Today I got a message from that model, apparently she spotted my list with her name on it.
The comment she left on my portfolio was in keeping with what I had experienced with her last year.  It is as follows:

 Edith J

2012-06-06 19:24:47

She didn't even capitalize, "dick".  Kids these days!  Texting has ruined any command of the English language they might have had.
Too bad.  She is a good model when she does work.  Just a bad investment, and appears to have the mentality of a twelve year old, and very limited vocabulary skills.  And oh, so sophisticated.
That comment clinched the lid on her coffin for me, and anyone who ever asks me about her.

Once again, Sarah's lovely backside.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just don't snore and spoil it

I awoke one morning before Elan and grabbed the camera off the night stand.
There is something about that disheveled look of a sleeping woman that I find erotic.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nice Butt

I was infatuated with Sarah's butt crack.  It took up most of my time while we were playing in the hotel room.  I think she would have been a little happier if I concentrated on her as a whole, but damn, it was so darn nice that I had trouble tearing myself away from shooting just it.

I spent the entire day in a waiting room at the University Hospital in Minneapolis today.  14 hours.  I can tell you about every nook and cranny in that room.  Probably know it better than the cleaning crew.
While I was there I got to talking with a person from Minneapolis about how bloody long their traffic lights are and how you sit for ten minutes only to get five cars closer to the intersection before it changes to red again.  The person asked me what was different about the traffic lights in Marcell where I live.  I laughed out loud.  "We don't have any traffic lights."  "You must have a few."  "Nope.  Not even one.  As a matter of fact we don't have a stop sign either.  We do have a 30 mile per hour speed limit sign as you come into town, but nobody pays any attention to it and usually use the main drag as a passing point for those vehicles going less than 50."
Here if I want to go to Get's Tavern that is three miles from my home I know it will take me three minutes to get there.  It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or what day it is.  There are no stops and I can do sixty all the way there with no stops.  I can tell you within seconds of how long it will take me to get to Grand Rapids, which is 29 miles away.  29 minutes.  Simple math for simple driving lifestyle in rural America.  No traffic lights.  No stop signs.
Why anyone would wait fifteen minutes to get onto an expressway (laughs out loud once again) in order to come to a complete stop for ten minutes, inch ahead five feet for another ten minutes, and so on until you get where you want to go is beyond my comprehension.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yours truly, taken by the lovely Katie on yesterday's post.
Some place in Iowa that has woods.  Go figure.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The treachings of morons

There is a movement these days against police officers.  You all have seen it.  Screw the police and stick to your rights even though doing so makes it hard for officers to do their job.  The movement is all about rights and not about courtesy, politeness, caring, doing the right thing, or responsibility.
I can, therefor I will.  That is all these people are about.  It breeds the contempt and hatred that fills city life these days.  That is why no one in the cities talk to their neighbors or trust them.
What happened to respect?  Gone right out the window.
If a police officer is called to a neighborhood because a person is seen lurking about a house that they know the people are on vacation, the "Rights People" will tell you the person lurking has done nothing illegal and therefore does not need to give their name and address to the officer.  And these nuts will tell you they should not.
If they were that person on vacation and came back to find their house had been broken into and their $10,000 wine collection was missing, I think they would sing a different tune.  I think they would be at the police station wondering why the officer let that person go without getting their name.  Think?
Now I will admit that the police don't know everything.  That includes all the laws.  Heck, the legislature knows far less about the laws than the police, and they wrote them.  There are a lot of laws.
But can't we cut the police officer a little slack and when he, or she asks us for our name?  Give it to them. If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to fear.  The only people who are afraid to give their information to a police officer are those who fear something.
People who attempt to teach others about not giving police officers any information they are not required to do so are breeding assholes that now fill our cities.
I just hope these people stay in the cities and do not infiltrate our rural areas where people are still human beings and respect one another, respect law enforcement, and care about what is going on in our neighborhoods.
I mean, if the guy in the black ski mask walking around your neighbor's house at 2am has done nothing illegal, why would you call the police in the first place if you think that way?  Think about it.
Rights....  yes we have them.  To teach others to abuse those rights in order to piss off a cop is absurd.  And when something happens to these people they are the first to scream that the police did not do their job.
Why is it that most of these people are limp wrist liberals?
No need to answer that question.  We all know why.

On another note:
We gave the Medal of Freedom to a basketball coach?   Go figure!  Tells us how we value that award.
If I had gotten one for something worthy, I would give it back.  I don't think I would want to be included in that group.
I thought the Medal of Freedom was something awarded to those who.....had done something important.  I guess not.  I guess being a basketball coach rates.
Next we will be giving the Medal of Honor to the WalMart greater.