Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am moving a new blog location that is not run by the morons at Google.

You will now be able to find me here:

I am learning how this site works and it will take me some time to figure it out.  Bare with me if you would.


Monday, January 27, 2014


Living in a very small town has an extreme disadvantage sometimes.  When you Google Marcell, MN there are about seven businesses in the area.  The wives of these business got together because most of Google Images of Marcell, MN were mine and not their resort, or excavating company.  They began to hit all my images over and over and over as inappropriate on Google's site.
Google caved in and my images were removed.  I didn't think they would bend to these Church Ladies, but they did.  Not only did the pull my work from Marcell, MN search, but if you image search Shadowscape Studio nothing even comes up from me.  They pulled all my web site work down on a search of my business!
I have lost all respect for Google.  And since they own this Blogger site I am ending my relationship with them here as well.
Bing and Yahoo still show my work.  Google has lost all of my respect.
I'm pulling the plug on this blog.
Maybe I will catch up with those of you who visit with me on a regular basis some place else.  You waste too much time reading my useless rants anyway.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Booked for the Kinsey Show

Even though I have not confirmed a model for the Kinsey show, I have booked the hotel room and campground.  I am confident.  Maybe too confident, but I think it will work out well.
I will use the reservations even if I use them by myself.
But all is set now.  My work has been submitted; reservations have been made and paid for.  A nice Irish whisky and a meal at the Irish Lion after the show will be in order.  Hopefully I will meet up with my friend this year and not be stuck in my hotel room like last year....  That was a bad deal.
The Irish Lion was calling my wife in Minnesota wanting to know where I was for my reservation.  Of course, she had no clue where I was.  My friend did not check in at the Irish Lion under my name so the reservation was a mystery.
I think I owe them some sort of apology for last year.  I know I do.
At any rate, things are a go for this year.  Full speed ahead!

 Sarah Jean at age 18....or so.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Moronic Billboards

While driving to the Twin Cities one passes scores of billboards put out by the Pro-Life people.  You have seen them, some cute baby supposedly saying something like, "I had fingerprint 3 weeks after conception."
Why don't they put up something realistic?  Until the kids was born it was a mass of tissue without sight; hearing or other senses.  It had no thoughts because there was nothing recorded in its bran.  It didn't breath.  The brain function consisted of a pulse ones every couple of seconds to make a heart beat.  It was similar to a kidney.  I take that back.  A kidney has a function to serve.  An unborn child just sucks energy from the host mother without returning a positive function, much more like a tumor than a kidney.  The brain has no data installed.  Until it is born and sight, sound, touch, smell, taste begin gathering data, it is a blank hard drive not yet installed with Windows.  Empty.
Now a billboard that shows a cute baby with it saying. "I was a tumor in your body 3 weeks after conception." does not sound so cuddly, but paints a more accurate picture than the crap they try and send at the weak minded, sentimental slobs out there that soak this stuff up like it was.... good beer.
But every cause uses the same tactic of preying on the sentimental slobs of the world.  The patriotic people do with their, "Support our troops" crap; the religions with their, "God is on our side" crap; and the politicians with their, "Look at what I have done for the homeless people" photo shoots, or some such crap.
Weak minded, sentimental slobs are always willing to shed a tear and pick up the campaign, usually spending a half hour every morning forwarding this garbage in emails to millions of other sentimental, weak minded slobs.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Kinsey Show

Well, I made my selections for the 2014 Kinsey Show.  It was tough narrowing it down to three.  I was doing alright until I got to ten, then it became a flip of the coin to see which ones stayed and which ones got the ax.
But it is done now and I can't change even if I wanted.
All that remains is to get the model I am wanting to drag along this year in tow.  That will take a couple more weeks to hammer out.  But my fingers are crossed.  I am not going to have a repeat of last year.  That was a disaster of the biggest magnitude that caused a complete breakdown in what had been a wonderful friendship.  Never again!  Husbands will know where she is going, and with whom from now on, if I have to tell them myself just to be sure they know the details.

But for now, maybe this will please your eyeballs:

Gollum Sleeps

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm not a commercial photographer

No one has to like my images other than me.  I would appreciate it if more people liked my work well enough to purchase some of the prints, but it really is not necessary in the long run.
When I die it won't matter if my work remains for many years, or all of it disappears without a trace.
A friend once remarked something along the lines of, "Why should others be burdened with keeping your art."  There is much to be said for that statement, and it puts things into perspective.
Family members that know you may want to have some of your art work, but after they have gone, no one will care unless you have created something very special and it gets to be known as a masterpiece in art history.  Not likely for most of us.  And as wonderful as we think our art is, it really is not noteworthy in art history.  Just stuff.
Our heroine's horse stumbled and she fell to the ground, loosing her gun.  The Cactus Clan had her surrounded.
Tune in next time for,  A Sticky Situation, or, ....

Another brisk morning here in the northwoods.  I was laughing at the weatherman when he was talking about the East Coast and their 5 below with the wind chill.  We don't even bother with wind chill around here.  There is no need to make it sound more dramatic than it really is.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What we waste money on

This is an example of a pure waste of tax payer's money.
If someone wants to play missionary and go into an area that is hostile, gets captured, I say, "Let the wolves have them".  They were morons from the get go.  Missionaries are a disposable commodity that really had no justification in the first place.
"I think I will go and try to convert a bunch of people who do not believe in my religion to believing in my religion.  And I think I will do it in a part of the world where I might get shot for doing just that."
Can there be a more useless individual on this planet?  I think not.  But we, as Americans feel as though we should do something righteous.  Screw doing what is right and letting them rot in some prison for the rest of their lives.  No, we can't seem to allow that.  So we spend enormous amounts of tax payer dollars to get these morons out of the trouble they purposely put themselves in.
I would let them rot if I had any say in the matter.
My view for this morning....
 One of my neighbors on a warm afternoon.