Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here is something you rarely see from me.  A model with clothes on.
We were sitting in our hotel room and Elan was watching TV.  I just could not stand to sit there and stare at a boob tube so I grabbed the camera.
That couch got to be a fixture in several of our images while we were there.  Nice couch.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Second time is the charm

Sarah and I tried to work together last summer.  She drove up to the north shore of Lake Superior from Madison Wisconsin to work a couple of days with me.
Now those of you who know me will understand I do not call photo shoots on account of rain, but it was more than rain,  it was a nasty thunderstorm that lasted two solid days.  Needless to say we did not get in any photo time.  So while I was passing through Madison on my tour i stopped there for the night and invited Sarah over to the hotel for some makeup work.
What a delightful gal.  We talked as much or more than we did work.
Well worth the stop and i believe I have made a new friend.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New summer.

It is a new summer, and with it brings good times that I will be looking forward to.  Times with friends; times with family; times alone.  Camping times and hiking times.  Quiet times on my screen porch enjoying the wolves, loons and other critters.  Gardening, both vegetable and flower.  New yard stuff will be built and maybe, just maybe I might get around to finishing the outdoor bread and pizza oven.
For now, an image from Thursday evening, somewhere in Iowa.  They do have more than corn there.  But not much.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Festus ??? I hope it doesn't look like it sounds!

CSI is on the  motel TV.  From the "Uninterested Sex" series.

Blogger is misbehaving again. I can't seem to make it margin where it should be going.
No matter.
Well, I should be home.  I'm not sure if I got there just yet as I am writing this on Tuesday, May 22nd from Festus, Missouri.  
The last few days have produced some wonderful models and some really great images.  The one above was a trial shoot of indifferent females when it comes to sex.  I think the point was given rather well.
Good thing it was not for real or I would have gotten some complex going that I probably would never have recovered from.

Golden Hooves has performed beautifully on the trip and I think she even perked up a bit knowing she was back in charge.  when you read this i should have been back home for two days.  

Lots of great work to follow.

Blogger is driving me away.  They keep changing things without letting us know, and this last change is a bad thing.  They have pushed me to the limit and I am considering going a different direction.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indian Tabac Ltd, Reserve

Sarah Jean
This is one of the Rocky Patel value line of cigars.  Indian Tabac cigars are usually flawless in design and smoke beautifully at a fraction of the price of his vintage line of cigars.  There is a difference, and one needs to keep that in mind.  When you pay $10. for a vintage cigar, and $1.60 for an Indian Tabac cigar you are not going to get the same thing.  But....they are not that much different either.  If I am sitting in front of a fire place on a cold winter day with my feet up and a glass of good scotch, while my dog lays on the floor by my feet...Give me the Vintage 1990 Rocky.  If I am out in the yard digging a hole so I can transplant a cedar tree that started growing along side of my garage wall...give me the Indian Tabac Ltd. Reserve because I am going to end up chewing on it rather than smoking it by the time I am half way through, and I don't mind chewing on a $1.60 cigar but it bugs the heck out of me if I just chewed up a $10. cigar.
Anywho...This Ltd. Reserve is wrapped in a light Connecticut Seed leaf.  Almost a maduro oily sheen to it but on a light leaf.  Construction is right up there with the $10. cigars.  Very good.  I've seen lots of $20. cigars that were not constructed this well.
A little sweetness in the wrapper on you lips.  Nothing like a crappy DutchMaster cigar, just a tad of sweetness.
Cap is solid and firm.
Flavors are those of nuts, cream and earth.  And they stay pretty much consistent throughout.
If you want a good tasting, well made everyday working man's/woman's  cigar, it is hard to beat one of Rocky Patel's sticks from his Indian Tabac line.  And this Ltd. Reserve stick is comparable to many premium cigars that sell in the $9. to $12. range.

Remember when you were a kid and you were at the zoo.  Remember the one animal house you went into and it had a walkway that went behind a wall.  it was sort of dark in there and there was a hole you were suppose to look in so you could see the elusive Kiwi from New Zealand.  You looked in the hole and you saw a tiny forest in there, dimly lit by a little bit of green light.  After a minute your eyes adjusted to the really dim light and you looked and looked but you never saw the Kiwi.  You finally gave up and moved on to where you could actually see an animal, such as a kangaroo or a water buffalo.
The photo above is my rendition to the Kiwi display.
Oh, by the way.  There is no such thing as a Kiwi.  Zoos just put those display in for their own employee entertainment at Christmas parties.  They video tape everybody peeking into a hole trying to see the damn Kiwi.  Then they edit the tape so they have a half hour of movie of people wiggling their ass as they attempt to see a Kiwi somewhere in that tiny, dark green jungle.  Makes for a roaring 1/2 hour.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Padron 7000 Maduro

This is one big cigar.  A 60 ring gauge stick that looks like it might please a girl in need.
These were given to me by a friend who brought them back from his trip to Florida, although one can get them here in northern Minnesota as well.  But it was a very nice gesture.
Hogging The Spotlight
Like all Padron cigars that I have had the pleasure of trying, this one had the same sloppy cap.  Why, with such a good cigar, and one that is so well made otherwise, they can not put a good cap on them is beyond me.
Once punched, then cut because the cap was so damn poor, the draw was easy.  The maduro wrapper was beaming with chocolate flavor.
After a draw on this smoke it leaves your lips with a nice spicy tingle.  For the majority of the stick it produced a nice leather/wood flavor.
The last third of the cigar left me a bit cold.  The tar from this behemoth collected and turned the tail end into a bitter smoke, and keeping it lit was beginning to be a problem as well.
Burn was even and consistent until the last third.
My take is:  The first two thirds of this cigar are darn good, as one would expect from a Padron.  The last third was something less than desirable.
What would I pay?  $8.00 in a cigar store.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Seleccion Reserva Limitada

A nice looking stick with a bit of an off color here and there to the dark. Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper.
Pre-light draw was sweet leather that I liked.  Often you just get a tobacco taste before lighting and I like to enjoy all there is to a good cigar and that includes the taste before you light it.
Construction was solid and good.  The cap was thick and punched well.
Erin - "November Gales"
Right off the bat you get a cocoa and leather flavor that lingers nicely in your mouth after you blow out the smoke.  It sort of coats your throat with this wonderful flavor and I was enjoying this cigar way more than I had anticipated.
This cigar produces tons of smoke.  Not one you want to light up in the bathroom when the wife is in there with you.
About midpoint some cedar kicked in and mingled with the cocoa and leather.  No spicy thing going on with this cigar.  A very nice change from all those spicy things out there.
Burn was even and good throughout the entire cigar and I enjoyed this down to the nub, unlike some sticks that get bitter or hot nearing the end.  This one stayed cool all the way.
This was a pleasant change.
What would I pay?  $12.00 at the cigar store.

If I were to vote in this coming election for president, which I won't because I think it is just plain stupid to elect someone you don't want in office just because I have the right to vote, I would vote for the Moron Idiot we have in there now.  At least he makes an attempt to sound like a rational person even though he has not a clue what he is doing.  The rest of the pack are lunatics.  But like I said, exercising my right to vote also means I have the right not to vote.  And since there is no one running for the office that I would like to see in there it would be an exercise in stupidity rather than my duty.

David Letterman hit an all time low last night when he had Bill O'Rielly on as a guest.
What a waste of a human being.  Good air that could have been breathed by a reasonable person rather than that piece of crap.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cohiba Extra Vigoroso

I probably should have taken a break before smoking this cigar.  I had been puffing on them all day and decided to give this a try.  After five or six cigars my taste buds were not in the best condition to give this a good evaluation, but I did it anyway.
This is the dark Cohiba with the brown band.  A great looking cigar with a very thick cap that lends itself well to a punch.
The wrapper imparted a nice chocolaty coffee taste on pre-light.
After lit I was at odds to find any flavor.  Like I said, my taste buds probably were overcome from smoking all day long.  
The cigar burned well and I did smoke it down to the nub.  But I am sorry to report that I found little flavor in the whole thing, and that probably was my fault.  I shall report again on this stick at a later date just to be fair.
For now....Enjoy Sarah Jean in our enactment of, Death On The River.
She has not been made pale looking in some Photoshop type stuff.  The river was about 40 degrees that day and she just turned white after a few minutes on her own.  Made a nice effect.

Sarah Jean
Should be heading toward home today.  It is a long drive and I may or may not make it in one day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Oscuro

Sometimes you have to show the models just how easy it is to get up on some rock ledge, naked. In this case I wanted her up on that ledge and she was complaining about how it was impossible to get there. While I was showing her how easy it would be to climb that tree to the location she grabbed my camera up off the ground and got me in action.
I never ask a model to do something I am not willing to do myself.

Another Pinar Del Rio cigar from their top tier list.
This has a thick, dark Bazillion oscuro wrapper, and it is something to behold.  A medium bodied cigar that is loaded with flavors of cocoa, coffee and light pepper.  All smooth and creamy like.
Construction is first rate and that oscuro wrapper leaves your fingers with an oily sheen.
Damn this is one good cigar.
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.

Today I am heading to St. Louis to work on some erotic work.  I need a break from hiking and we will park ourselves indoors for this set.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Punch Deluxe

If you like a Punch cigar, and who wouldn't, the Deluxe version is the same except there is a hell of a lot more to it. Longer and fatter. Makes for more enjoyment.
This is a cigar you do not pull out if you have a half hour to kill. This is a cigar you pull out if you plan on smoking a good, everyday cigar for the next two hours.
A mainstay in every cigar smokers humidor.
Nuf said.
Buy a box and be happy.

There are things going on behind the scenes.  Good things you are not likely to hear about on the network news.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

La Gloria (Plain Jane)

La Gloria (General Cigar) makes some really nice, and really expensive cigars.  Their plain Jane version called just, Cubana is a good everyday smoke that will not break your bank.  A box of 25 will only set you back about 90 dollars, which isn't too bad for a good smoke.
What is there to say?  Wonderful white pepper, toast, coffee, oak and barn yard flavors come out in this stick as you go from one end to the other.  Burn is always good and construction is nice.  A bit lumpy in the fingers, but I like that.  Cigars that are molded into perfectly smooth sticks always seem like they were made by a machine and have lost that handmade feel.  I want imperfection in the cigar I am holding.
Buy a box, you won't regret it.

Today I return my borrowed model to Chicago and head back south toward St. Louis.  But first I will stop in LaSalle, Illinois and work with a model in the sand stone canyons there tomorrow.  I have just finished up working with a young gal and will be spending the rest of this trip working with the older set.  Next stop is a 50+ lady that looks like she will be fun to toss around in the rivers and cliffs.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man O War Virtue

Another one from my session with the local gal in the studio.

On to the cigar of the moment.  
This is a light colored, Connecticut Seed wrapper and I was skeptical.  Most of the time I find these to have a metallic taste that I don't care for.  Not so here.  This had a nice cream taste.  Very pleasant.  
On the light I found oak, nuts, and toast.  This was not like other Man O War cigars that I have tried that are very full bodied, this one was about in the medium range and was a nice treat from strong cigars that I have been smoking lately.  
The burn was excellent and I smoked this right down to the nub.  I wouldn't mind a box or two of these laying about the house for times when I was looking for something milder.
What would I pay?  $8.50 in a cigar store.

I should be heading toward the canyons on the Indiana/Illinois border with my model today.  Last night was the Kinsey Institute Erotic Show, and I'm sure we had a great time there.
This post was written on 4/28.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Liga Cubana No. 2

This cigar was dressed in blue ribbons and had a really nice looking band. The color of the wrapper looked super as well.
I was excited about trying this one as I like most of the PDR sticks of their higher end lines.
Construction was very good and the cap was solid and thick. Pre-light draw brought barn yard flavors and toast.
Lit I picked up on black pepper, but not over powering, along with dark black coffee. As it progressed I was getting subtle hints of oak and moss. Reminded me of a walk in the woods after a spring rain.
This was a first rate cigar.
What would I pay? $10. in a cigar store, and it would be well worth that to me.

This image was from a one time shoot with a local gal.  She was fun to work with and we had ourselves one heck of a day, working first in the studio to loosen up and then moving outdoors where the real photography began.  

I am not actually home when you will be reading this.  I will be somewhere between Chicago and Bloomington, Indiana with a model in tow.  This post was written back on 4/27.  Of course I could be sitting on the side of some interstate highway with a broken down car as well.  But one should not talk about Golden Hooves like that.  It might jinx things.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

CAO America

I like most offerings from CAO. Their Gold, MX2, and Brazilia are some of my favorite cigars in the world.
This one, the America is an odd duck. Looks like a damn barber pole with stripped wrapper of different colors.
I was anxious to give it a try but was not expecting it to be that great a smoke, and I was not disappointed.
The two different wrappers is not a unique thing to the cigar industry. La Gloria has one that is just wonderful.
On pre-light draw the flavor from the draw was little to none, but the flavor of that dark wrapper on my lips gave off a really great taste of coffee and leather. Turns out that was the best this cigar had to offer. After lighting those wonderful tastes were lost in the harshness of the smoke. The burn was even and good, but there was little flavor. Strong smoke was the best I could describe this one. Like I stuck my head into a fireplace before the wood got going really well and breathed in the wood smoke. Not really all that pleasant. It didn't get any better, nor did it get any worse. I smoked the whole stick but would have been much happier if I had not lit it in the first place.

Okay, rant time.
I understand handicapped parking rules.  And I am a strong supporter of those rules.  But big, fat people should not be allowed to use them or get handicapped parking privileges.  Just because you eat like you are a pig and sit around all day in a big soft recliner instead of exercising your body should not give anyone the right to horde parking spaces near the store.  If anything these big, fat people should be made to park at the far end of the lot so they have to walk a long way.  At least it would force them to get a bit of exercise.  
Handicapped means you are not capable of something because you were born with a defect or you were injured.  Handicapped does not apply to big, fat people because they are pig eaters who lay around doing nothing.  This law needs to be re-written to exclude big, fat people who are lazy bastards.  Give up a close parking spot to these pigs?  You have got to be kidding.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Macanudo Cru Royale

What ever happened to, War Songs?
Back when war meant something important we had songs that told the story.  
Off the top of my head, during the Civil War we had great songs like, When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground; Tramp, Tramp, Tramp; Battle Cry of Freedom; Glory, Glory Hallelujah; and Dixie.
WWI we had, Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag; Keep the Home Fires Burning; I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now; and Over There.
WWII we had things like, Billy Boy; Roll Out the Barrel; The White Cliffs of Dover; As Time Goes By; and Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me.
By the Korean War people were beginning to get tired of war, especially useless wars we were getting into where there was no threat to America.  We began to get the disgruntled song like, Changed My Mind; and I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole.  The anti war songs were more popular.
By Vietnam there were no war songs.  Everything was an anit-war song.  Alice's Restaurant; Bad Moon Rising; Have You Ever Seen The Rain; Peace Train; Where Have All the Flowers Gone; and countless anti-war songs by every folk singer out there at the time.  
These days the anti war people have pretty much given up and we have no songs about the stupid, senseless wars we are in.  The wars don't mean anything to the American people because it has nothing to do with America or any threat to their way of life, despite what the Government wants us to believe.
The only people who think these wars mean anything are the kids they recruit out of high school with their vast knowledge of what is going on, and their parents because their kids are in some remote corner of the globe getting killed.  The rest of the country knows better.  I want to take all those magnetic yellow ribbons on trunks of cars that say, Support Our Troops and shove them up someones tailpipe.  They must be kidding.
When we have a war that means something there will be songs again.  Until then we have to suffer and listen to the crap being played on the radio.

On to the cigar.
A wonderful Ecuadorian wrapper, over a proprietary Dominican binder, over Dominican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian fillers.
This cigar has none of the peppery flavor that one associates with a cigar.  Instead it starts out with a super toast flavor and a hint of spice.  A medium body cigar that would be a pleasure for anyone interested in a good cigar.  Nothing harsh or strong here at all, just a wonderful smoke.
It burned even and the construction was flawless.
This is one great smoke.
What would I pay?  $10.00 in a cigar store.  I think they are cheaper than that however.
I know I would like to have a box or two in the humidor.

Here is a reasonable article (I thought) on the recent flurry of announcements by the Idiot and his sidekick.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Vegas Relic

I find the DNR and all of the agencies involved in trying to stop the spread of Zebra Muscles, Asian Carp, Millfoil, and anything else quite humorous.  Billions of dollars will be spent and what do you think is going to happen?  Mother nature will prevail and they will spread anyway.  You can't stop it.  You might be able to slow it down for a couple of years, but in 20 years those couple of years and billions of dollars spent putting up electric fences, patrolling for Zebra Muscles, and trying to eradicate Millfoil will have been for naught.
Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to take the money we are spending on fruitless efforts to stop the spread of this stuff and put it toward, What and how are we going to have to change things in the future to deal with what we will have then?
Tired Abs
People are not very bright.

This is one surprising stogie.  A puro from the Dominican Republic no less.
An exclusive Corojo leaf grown only for this cigar covers this baby and feels great in the hand.
Inside is a 12 year old Piloto leaf.
This is a Figurado style cigar that is tapered at both end but unlike most it is triple capped.  Wow!
Construction is not the best I have seen but it looks like it will hold together and that is all that counts at this point in time.  A bit lumpy, and that is not bad either.
Pre-light the stick gives off a nice barnyard smell.  Always a plus in my book.
Burn:  Roasted nuts and coffee.  Wonderful!
Then stepped in Earth and cinnamon for the second half.  All smooth and creamy.  
Conclusion:  This was one hidden treat.  I will certainly buy more of these sticks in the future.  
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.  But you are in luck.  They sell for about $4.50 through Cigar International, which is the only place I have run across them so far.

Tomorrow morning at COD (Crack "O" Dawn) I take off for my annual trip. I will be shooting with nine models in ten days.  Three of those day will be spent with my Chicago model while we go to the Kinsey Show and then head to the canyons for some nude in landscape work.  In the evenings we will work in the hotel rooms.
It is going to be busy.  Seven states; nine models; ten days.  Me and Golden Hooves.

Monday, May 14, 2012


This was a cigar I got in a sample pack.  I was not overly interested in it when it arrived and it got buried deep in one of my humidors only to have surfaced lately.  Probably was a good thing it stayed in there for as long as it did.
This stick has a very nice, dark, oily Brazilian ligero wrapper and it feels good in the fingers.
To my surprise I found it to be a wonderful cigar.  Espresso, toast and black pepper were there right off the bat.  Earth flavors mingled in and the coffee flavor was wonderful.  Things flitted about running the whole darn gamut  and I was enjoying every minute.
Burn was even and construction was fantastic.  I was most happy.
What would I pay?
$12.00 in a cigar store.

For the last two days I have been working hard shoveling and hauling dirt.  Today I feel like an old man.
I am an old man, but rarely do I feel old.  Today I do.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sarah Jean & Heather
"The Briar Rose Affair"
Why is it that we have so many damn passwords and user names?  I use to have one of each and it served me well for several years.  Then they no longer took it and wanted combinations of letters and numbers.  Then some, like the bank wants mothers maiden name and the name of your first girl friend or first pet.  Who the hell can remember which one you picked when you signed up for that.  Was my first pet my first dog?  The gold fish I won at the fair when I tossed a ping pong ball into its bowl?  Or the cannery that was bought by my parents?  Did I pick my first girlfriend as the one I went out with, the one I grew up playing with, or was it the one I played spin the bottle with in Dan's parents barn?
Who can remember sequences of #@%*FJBHyi$48)7& for a password.  You write them down on a scrap of paper and shove it under your keyboard.  But it is not there six months later, or if it is there which place that password is for.
My lap top computer has a finger print scanner that works great.  Why can't places like banks have a scanner on the screen where you place your finger and it tells if that is really you?  No password, no user name.  If it is my finger it is me or someone has cut off my finger and at that point I will have other things on my mind rather than what he is doing with my finger at the moment.
This should not be so complicated a process as it is.  Scan. Done.
Some day we will look back on user names and passwords like we look back on cassette tapes in our iPod world.
What the hold up is is beyond me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown

During part of the oral arguments on Arizona vs Obama the Federal person was making a point that illegal immigrants were only to be handled by Federal Law Enforcement because it was a Federal Law not a state controlled thing.  And that the state had no right to adopt a Federal Law as State Law.
One of the justices interrupted and pointed out that it was a Federal Law that you can not rob a bank.  Does that mean that states can not make it a law that you can not rob a bank?  Wouldn't that be silly.
Point well made Mr. Justice, whoever you were.

This cigar was part of a sample group I received awhile back.  I generally like anything put out by PDR with the exception of their economy line cigars.
This has a very nice medium dark wrapper and construction is first class.
A good solid triple cap and firm feeling throughout.
Lighting brought up a nice leather taste right off the bat and the smoke was smooth and creamy.
If you are looking for a smoke that changes as you go, this is not the one for you.  But if you enjoy a cigar that maintain the same wonderful flavor from start to finish this is the one for you.  It was as consistent as a cigar could be from start right down to the nub that I was left holding between two fingers.
Most enjoyable.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

Anybody beside me find this story a bit hokie?  Our secret agent, working as an undercover terrorist bomb maker, makes a bomb and then turns himself in just in time to make Obama look like he is fighting terror as election rolls around.
So we made the bomb.  We planned on blowing up one of our own airliners (we had not decided which just yet). And we are saying we have thwarted a terror attack.
Did I get off on the wrong side of the bus?  People aren't buying this I hope.  Although people are not known for their smarts.
I think the entire CIA should be shit canned for dreaming up this idiotic idea in the first place.  If this is as good as their brains work, no wonder we are in the gutter in terms of intelligence.  They should remove that word from their names sake.  Central Non-Intelligence Agency is more fitting.  But this moronic idea is in keeping with the Idiot in the White House who was elected by other idiots who just had to have a black guy in.  Anybody who voted for Obama should have their voting privileges revoked as it is obvious they never even looked at who this fellow was, or his record, of which he had none.  A black man was the only thing they saw.  And people like that should not be allowed to elect someone to represent America.
Double agent!   My ass!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gert's Revisited

So I go into Gert's Tavern the other day.  Had not been in there for about a year.  No one around so I pick out the cleanest grungy bar stool I could find, still sticky from stale beer but no bodily fluids appear to have been left on it and park my self down.
I made the mistake of putting my arm on the bar and caught myself, not in enough time however and my sweat shirt stuck.
Sarah Jean
Then the swinging door from the kitchen opened and Gert came waddling out in her once white, now grayish bathrobe and pink, once fuzzy slippers.
"I think I'll have a scotch on the rocks."
I could hear her say something but couldn't make it out.  Sounded like, Azbowl.  She grabbed a glass from the sink that I don't think had been washed from the night before and scooped it in the ice bin where I saw something brown that looked like a week old banana peel sitting on top of the ice.  She missed getting it in the glass so I felt lucky today.
As I sat there looking at whatever was floating in my scotch she said, "You need to hang around.  I got a stripper coming in at noon."
It was five to twelve.  I had time to chug down the scotch and get the hell out of there before she arrived.  I did a one, two chug but the stripper showed up early.  A gal who looked about 18 years old came walking in with a silver robe on.  Not the prettiest thing I had seen that day.  She was carring a clock radio under her arm and began looking for a place to plug it in.
She then took off her robe and I saw she had one breast implant.  About a 38DD.  The other breast was about a 32B.  She pointed at the 32B and asked Gert if that was going to be a problem.  She said she didn't have enough money yet to get the other one done.
I got off my stool, with a sort of sticky sound from my rear and made my way toward the door.  I remembered I had wood to chop.

HERE is what happens when you take city assholes and let them control rural areas of the State.
This idiot probably has never been more than 50 miles from downtown Minneapolis.  But he wants the bucks that will be paid to his campaign re-election by the mining companies that will tear up the northwoods.
City people are like that.  If they don't vacation there, it is worth money to let someone trash it.  Let someone suggest that we allow mining a few blocks from his house and see what he does.
Have I mentioned how much I despise city people? I'm for fencing them in and not letting them out where they can wreck the rest of the world.  They should be issued visas to go beyond the city limits, and then only after a lengthy board of review and a test to see if they are trustworthy enough.  Most would fail miserably.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diesel Unholy Cocktail

This is about the same as the Diesel Unlimited I reported on in the past.

This cigar is another very limited production cigar and if you are lucky enough to find one, grab it up.
Erin does Norman Rockwell
The wrapper is a heavy, Cuban-seen ligero from Brazil that has been fermented and is a wonderful dark chocolate brown.  Heavy veining throughout and it feels as good in your fingers as it looks.
A spicy, peppery smoke that is full bodied and not for the faint of heart.
The wrapper actually leaves and oil on your fingers, unlike many that feel like they will but leave your fingers clean.  This one does get you oily.  Feels nice.
The Cliffs Notes of this smoke is:
A good cigar but very potent.  If you are a fan of Partagas Black, or Padron 64s you will like this smoke.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

There are a few things in this world I really hate with a passion and would like to see go away forever.
One being Styrofoam.  It is a squeaky, obnoxious material that can drive you nuts when you are traveling somewhere in the car and in that back some place is something made of Styrofoam.  It will squeak continually and no matter how you wedge it about it won't quit squeaking.  It litters the sides of the highway (probably because people can't stand the squeaking and toss it out the car window), and it litters the countryside and waters.  A terrible stuff that should be outlawed.
Another thing that I hate are self published books.  Ego building pieces of crap.  If someone's work is good enough to be in a book a publishing company would be willing to do so.  They are doing nothing but clogging up the corridor of art history with crud.  People who think their work is good enough to be in a book should submit it to a publishing company.  If it is, they will publish it.  If they don't, one should learn something from that lesson.  Like, Gee, maybe my work is really not that good.  But these people will go ahead and publish their own work anyway because they just can't stand being told their stuff sucks, and they need to feel like one of the big players out there.  Personally if I see a self published book in someone's bio I will immediately pass on reading further.  They obviously are not very good or some publishing company would have done that for them.  Plus you immediately know they have an ego that they need stroked.  A lousy photographer with a big ego.  Ugly combination.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cohiba Puro Dominicana

This is a 100% Dominican cigar by General Cigar.  The tobacco is aged in charred oak barrels, much like whiskey.  These sticks are a step up from General Cigar's regular Cohiba.
They are also a bit more potent and a bit more flavorful.
On short final, with a cross wind
With this aging and construction comes a bit more of a price tag as well.  Now we are into the 20+ dollars for a stick in your cigar store.  And although they are good cigars, like the regular Cohiba they are priced way more than they are worth.  But like BMW, you are paying half of the price for the name.
Construction is good and the cap is hard and thick.  The wrapper has a nice oily feel to it, much like a good maduro leaf.
Cold draw had little flavor, but once lit it is a strong cigar.  Not for first timers.
It hits the back of your throat and burns.  Even for me, who smokes six or seven cigars a day this one is a bit strong.
I do like the flavors that come through however.  Oak for sure, right off the bat.  Leather mixes in nicely.
Burn was a little uneven but not uncontrollable like some other high priced cigars.  Nothing pisses me off more than shelling out $20. for a cigar that tastes great but canoes on you so bad you are constantly shaving off the non-burning part.  When I spend that kind of money on a cigar I damn well better be able to enjoy it without tending to it.
About an inch into this stick and the harshness settles down and it smooths out to be a reasonable smoking, full bodied cigar, packed full of flavor that you don't have to close your eyes and try and pick out subtle hints of.  They are right there in your face.
Toward the end you get a strong black pepper thing going on.  Left my mouth wanting more.  But then I am sort of addicted to black pepper.
All in all this is a great cigar for the seasoned smoker.  Not at all for a beginner however and could easily drive them to give up on cigar smoking and take up knitting.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

We have THIS, and THIS.
If you or I sold these drugs under such circumstances we would be thrown in jail for 20+ years. These drug companies just pay and more on.  And this Government allows them to continue doing business.  Why?  Don't bother to answer, we all know the reason.
Drug companies and oil companies run this Government.  Not anyone you elected.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Macanudo Cafe

Three Sisters
This is a Connecticut Shade wrapper over Dominican and Mexican fillers.  These are another mainstay cigar in any humidor.  A mild to mild-medium smoke that is good for mornings when you feel the need for a smoke but are not quite ready to tackle a strong stick.
These are consistently even burning, and good.  I never have to worry about how it is going to burn and what flavors I am going to be surprised by.  Always an even oak and leather flavor with just a dash of pepper.
I just finished mine and I smoked it right down to the nub where I was holding it like it was some wacky weed cigarette.
A very good morning smoke.
What would I pay?  $6.50 in a cigar store.

The trouble with THIS is people will read it and think, Oh that poor man.
He is in the middle of a country where we are killing people with drones.  He is there with armed guards surrounding his house to protect him (didn't work too well).  And why is he there?  His company would have you believe he was there attempting to help the people of Pakistan build a better economic base for themselves instead of operating a very low cost labor camp for garment manufacturing that they would be importing into the U.S.
Now we will watch and see how "The Idiot" in the White House will react.  He knows what this guy was doing there.  Bet he doesn't get on the TV and say, This fellow was attempting to use Pakistan people and paying them next to nothing to make garments to import into the U.S.  I bet he doesn't say, I have been aware of this and encouraged our U.S. based companies to ravish Pakistan and use the people there basically as slaves.
I bet he will say, Our fight against Al Qaeda will not swayed by terror demands, and if anything it will cause us to increase our fight to eliminate them.
You watch and see.....
They will kill that fellow and Obama will use it to portray himself as a strong leader who sacrificed an American, father, husband in a tough decision to stand ground against terror for our freedom.
And what a crock it will all be.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hoyo Excalibur (plain Jane)

This is a light wrapper version of the Dark Knight that I like, and a stronger version of the Cameroon wrapper that I also like.  Using Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers this cigar has come to hold a high rating in the cigar world, and with good reason.
I have not look it up to see what leaf they use for the wrapper on their plain Jane version but I suspect it is a sun grown Connecticut Broad Leaf.  But then again, I could have my head up my ass.  I'm hear to tell you what I think about smoking the cigar, not to be factual on the details of how it was made and with what.  Does it taste good, or does it taste like a dog turd.
Another product of General Cigar that is top notch for the everyday smoke, and one you can count on finding in just about every cigar store in the world.  No need to seek out the specialty shops for this stick.
I am not going to go into detail by detail on a review here.  This is a good burning, good tasting cigar that is a mainstay in any humidor for when you are just looking for a good smoke but don't have the time to spend savoring some subtle flavors that dash in and out.  
What would I pay?  $7.00 in a cigar store.

Back in the summer of 1979 I was fishing on the White River just above the Bull Shoals Damn in Missouri.  A small town with a gas station / grocery store.  It was called, Branson.  Yep, the same Branson you know today as the hot spot for that terrible country music crap.  But back then the town had a population of about 25 people and there was no country music anything.  But back to my story.  I was staying at a resort that was owned by a friend of mine.  A four cabin fishing, ma & pa resort.  As we where sitting in his house talking one evening I spied an end table that his wife's grand father had built.  The top was covered in cigar bands and then lacquered over.  I wish I had those cigars.  They were back from the 20s and 30s.  The Cuban haydays of cigar building.
So i decided I was going to one day build something similar and began my collection of cigar bands.  Since I did not smoke cigars at that point in my life, my collection was thin for many years.  These days it ranges in the thousands.
I still don't know what I am going to do with them but i figure this year I will put them to use in one of my photography projects for a gallery show.  Maybe nude models smoking cigars with the matting of the image covered with cigar bands.
Who knows.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


About ten more days and Golden Hooves and I hit the road again for the annual Kinsey Show Trip.  First thing I will stop outside Chicago and meet up with my friend.  No doubt we will have a beer or two.  I will also be delivering him some darkroom and camera equipment I am glad to get out of my way.  He seems to want to take up wet plate photography and I wish him all the best.
Then I will stop and see my son and grand kids before I pick up  my Chicago based model for the trip and we head out.  I have never met this gal and it should be interesting.  On the 18th we will check into our hotel room in Bloomington, Indiana and get organized for the show that evening at the School of Fine Arts at the University.
After the show we will of course hit the Irish Lion.  An annual tradition after the show.  And a walk over to one of my favorite cigar stores for a few sticks just to help him out.  A couple of Ashton VSGs, probably.
Then back to the room for a little erotic work before bed.  The following day we head to the canyons and work until our bodies are ragamuffins.  Then a nice dinner at the lodge and back to our room in the same lodge for the evening's erotic session, if we are not too damn tired.
On the 20th I will need to return her to Chicago, but I will turn south and head a bit south of St. Louis for a shoot that has had my attention for awhile now.
This all of course if Golden Hooves is up for the task, which I'm sure she is.  She will be pushing 375,000 miles upon our return to northern Minnesota.  Piece of cake!
Of course that Chicago model may never work with me again after having spent three days bouncing around inside G.H., but there are few models I would rather spend the rest of my life with over her.

This image is of Erin at Cascade River State Park.  We had one heck of a time getting her off of that log and back to safety.  Those rapids were quite strong and about chest high.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 Vegas Miami

This is a cigar that Don Pepin had his hand in creating.  It is wrapped in a wonderful feeling Corojo wrapper that feels oily in your fingers.  There has been a lot of buzzing going on about this cigar lately.  5 Vegas has reserved this cigar for basically....themselves in the past because the material for the blend was so little they could not mass produce them for the public.
Lake Superior Challenge
Enter Old man Pepin to the rescue and with his help 5 Vegas was able to get enough of the right type of tobacco leaves to give it a go.  Still, it will be hard to come by because of the limited run.
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one (1).
I like feeling this cigar so much I am going to spend a few more minuted just holding it before I begin.
Well constructed with a reasonable cap.  There is one tiny spot where the Corojo wrapper has a nick in it but I don't think it will affect the smoke.  It will likely come unraveled on me as I tend to get a little rough with these wrappers.  One should sit still, and stay put when smoking a Corojo wrapped cigar.  They are just as bad as a Cameroon wrapper for wanting to fly off the stick.
I will try to be careful, but I make no promises.  If it does come apart I'm sure it will be my fault and not the cigar manufacture.
Cold draw was a little bit of a black cherrieness to it.  Sort of reminded my of Dr. Pepper soft drink, only very faint.
The wrapper has a tiny sweetness to it that is pleasant.
Lighting:  Right away a little harshness kicked in that I was not overly fond of.   I was expecting it to be a little more smooth and creamy, much like a Padilla Miami.  And that was probably a bad assumption to make.  Just because they use the same name for their cigar does not mean they are going to be anything alike.  Although the idea behind all the Miami blends is suppose to be like a cigar that is made in Miami, which a lot of them are.  Hence they should taste similar.  Hence, they don't because the tobaccos come from all over the place, stupid.
Back to this 5 Vegas Miami.
I am having a hard time picking out flavors as the harshness is over powering my taste buds.  I probably should have let this stick age for a few months in the humidor before jumping on it.  Too late now.
Midpoint:  The harshness is mellowing and there is a leather flavor coming out nicely now.  Burn is good and even.
Boy oh boy, this thing has done a 180.  The harshness is all but gone and the second have has cranked up some wonderful flavors.  Oak, leather, earth.
I have managed to keep the wrapper intact too!  It is snowing to beat hell at the moment so my stroll about in the woods with this cigar, that I had planned on doing was put on hold and I have been enjoying this while looking out the window.
When I lit this thing up I would not have given you $3.00 for it, but about midpoint I would have given you $9.00.  So what?  So buttons in your underwear.
Bottom line is I really enjoyed the second half of this cigar.  If anyone wants to smoke the first half for me, you got a deal.
What would I pay?  $6.00 in a cigar store.

I honestly do not know who this gal is in Lake Superior.  I can narrow it down to two possibilities but not sure from there.  It is either Sarah Jean or Jesse Cotton.  I could look it up in my records but that is more work than I care to invest at this point.
Problem with old age setting in.  You forget these things.

There are always unfair things that happen in life, but one that bugs me is when I decide to cook myself a nice soft boiled egg.  I like to eat them like you would a hard boiled one, peeling it and just taking a bite while it is still hot.  Needs to be soft boiled so you have to be careful the yoke doesn't run down your arm.
Then the unfair thing happens.  The egg doesn't want to peel and you end up taking big hunks of it off with the shell.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Partagas 1845 Black Label

A quick note for those who might be interested.  Beach Cigar, the ones responsible for Gurkha cigars has changed their name to Gurkha Cigar Group.  A reasonable name change seeing how Gurkha is recognized by all cigar people but say, Beach Cigar Co. and no one would have a clue who they were.
Turtle Lake at sunset.
Sarah Jean

As with most of the Partagas cigars I have tried, this one is top notch in construction with a good solid cap and no soft spots.
The deep dark, oily, medio tiempo sun grown wrapper is wonderful to feel in the hand.  Pre light draw was easy and brought out flavors of barn yard and leather.
Once lit I was getting black pepper and toast.  Not heavy on the toast, but the black pepper was right up there where you have got to be a fan of black pepper, as I am.
Burn was even and long.
About mid point the flavors switched to coffee.  Dark coffee.  And that ever present barn yard taste that I love.
This was one fine cigar.  I'm glad I got a few of them in on my last shipment.  These will rest a bit longer in the humidor before I have another one.  They will only get better.  And they are great now.

"The Scream" by Munch sold for almost 120 million dollars the other day.  Have you taken a close look at it?  it looks like it was done by a third grader using crayons.
I don't get it.  It is a piece of crap.  The artsy fartsy group can argue all they want, attempting to make a case for it, but it is a piece of crap that took two minutes to make as a joke.
Sometimes this arsty farsty world just goes off the deep end.  This is one of those cases and there is no water in the pool, people.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Padilla Series 2010 Capa-Maduro

This is very similar to the 2010 series I reviewed a couple of days ago, only in a maduro wrapper.  And once again construction was perfect.  The wrapper leaf was beautiful to look at and hold in my fingers.  It is no secret that I do love my maduro leaves.  That dark oily leaf just looks and feels great, and the sweetness of that fermented leaf is heaven.
If you remember my review of the Series 2010 Capa-Habano you will mirror what I experienced with this smoke, only a bit of sweetness(not a heavy sweetness like some maduros) mingled in with the wonderful flavors of the tobacco, imparted from the maduro wrapper.
Great cigar.  Almost two solid hours of enjoyment.

Happiness is a good selection of cigars to choose from.
And once again I would pay $9.00 in a cigar store for this treat.  Maybe a bit more.

No lovely ladies today.

When you enter a blogger site that has mature content ahead they give you the option of proceeding or hitting the GRAY BUTTON and being taken elsewhere.  Anybody ever hit that GRAY BUTTON?  Ever wonder where it would take you if you did?  Sort of scary, isn't it?  will I be sucked down a vortex never to be heard from again?  Will Google try and sell me more of Google Plus?  Will I ever get another email birthday card?
One button you know what you are getting into.  Naked women.  The other GRAY BUTTON is a mystery of unknown.  Damn right it is scary.
I once ended up on, Bathing Suits For Muslims.  Now that was scary!  Not for the weak of heart, let me tell you.
Why can't Blogger just put a warning of danger ahead.  If you don't want to go there and you are not smart enough to back up one step to where you were happy being one click before, then you probably should not be around a computer.  Why must we be transported to somewhere we don't have any interest in going?
I don't like companies that prey on humans stupidity.  Granted there is a lot of it going around.  The stupidity part.  But companies that market themselves for stupidity just add to the overall moronic state humans are already in.
I will never buy Ivory dish soap for just this reason.  I will never buy Alka Seltzer for just this reason.
Politicians are the same.  We know that we should not believe anything they say when they are running for an office during an election.  We know they are lying and will not keep any promise they are making to us.  And then we go ahead and elect them anyway.  ???????    Rather than campaigns to, Get Out And Vote, we should have a campaign to, Do not Get Out An Vote.  Don't elect anyone.  See where that leaves this silly, idiotic Government.
There is a revolution in the air.
I find it flabbergasting that America was founded because we declared war against England to be free from her rule.   And now we have in our Constitution a statute that says if you are a citizen of the U.S. and declare war against the U.S. you are guilty of, Treason.
I do believe it is time for another war of independence.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CAO Black

Somewhat confusing is the name of this one.  This looks like the CAO Gold, only it has a label with a black background instead of the gold background.  The cigar is not dark like you would expect from the name.  It looks just like the light colored Gold version.
This light Connecticut Ecuador wrapper is flawless in construction and looks.  I noted one soft spot near the foot, which worried me a tad.
The cigar has gotten great reviews by the cigar snobs.  We shall see.
Cap was thick and solid.  Nice treat for a Connecticut shade leaf wrapper.  Usually they are thin.
Cold draw was another treat.  None of that metallic crap taste like yesterdays cigar.  A pleasant and most distinctive vanilla flavor.
Well, I smoked this whole cigar before returning here to tell you about it.  I was not about to be interrupted.
This was one hell of a good cigar.  One of the best I have had the opportunity to smoke in my lifetime.
My hat is off to the people at CAO for this achievement.  Vanilla, pepper, wood, leather, spice.  It is all in there and none of it is over powering.  Just right.  The flavors take turns popping in and out.The cigar burnt perfectly for an hour and forty five minutes.  I could not have been happier if Isabella Rossellini sat naked on my face.  Well maybe I could have been happier that way, but my point is this is one damn good cigar.
The cigar snobs would be unhappy that the ash did not hang on tight for two inches.  I don't understand the fascination for this myself.  And ash helps keep the burn cool by limiting the oxygen getting to it, but other than a tad on there the excess length only becomes a pain in the ass to avoid bumping and ending up with ashes on your carpet.
What would I pay?  $22.00 in a cigar store.

For those of you that like to put images up on the internet and have others critique them where you have built a family of friends over the years, some sad news comes along.  Photopoints is folding up.  An icon photographer's site that was the best of the best for hosting peoples work.
I have not been there for several years, finding it had been taking up way too much of my time.  But it is sad.  I developed many good friendships from there.  People I now consider best friends.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gurkha Legend Silver Edition, and Bigfork, Minnesota

I'm not sure of the size of this but it appears to be a 7.5 X 60 or better.
This is a massive cigar by anyone's standards.  Large and pale it looks like a hammer has gone and lost its head somewhere and you are left holding this.
I like the Legend.  This one has me a bit skeptical.
I checked and found very little information on this stick I was holding.  I found reviews of the Silver Edition but they were not the pale Connecticut wrapper thing I had in my mitts.
So I forged onward.
The cap was reasonable for a Connecticut shade leaf.  The cigar itself was soft in spots and firm in spots.  Not a good sign in my book.
Lighting it produced a spicy taste that I did not care for and that metallic taste I have gotten from so many Connecticut shade leaves.  All of this left me somewhat disappointed considering I like the Gurkha Legend cigar.
The smoke did not get any better as it went along.  If anything it got worse tasting for me.
I am suspicious this stick was one of those special that were produced for some cigar outfit, like Cigar International or Thompson Cigar but were not made in quantity.  And for good reason.
What would I pay?  $2.50 in a cigar store.

There is a town eleven miles north of me that is so red neck and inbreed that they think their latest addition is a great thing.
The erected a statue of an Indian holding a sign that says, "Heep Good Town" as you enter it.
What kinds of morons live there?  I would be so ashamed to be known for living in that town, I would move.
They have set civilization back 200 years.  Actually I think they stopped progressing two hundred years ago.
Stupid people with the mentality of eight year olds.