Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Girl

Billy Bob ~ "Dimples"

The wife and I went for a walk in the woods last evening. We traveled a section we had not been in all summer.
We had avoided going through there because we walked with our dog through that section of woods quite often.
I guess last evening we were ready to travel it without her. Neither of us spoke about Lasha as we seemed to migrate in that direction.
About half way into the woods Roberta said, "I have not been this way since I had Lasha through here". I didn't answer. I didn't answer because if I had it would have been choked. I already had tears flowing down my cheeks and my throat had a major lump thing going on.

I have lost many dogs in my life time. None had such a hold on me as Lasha did. None made me get all teared up a year later.

But it turned out to be a good walk in the woods. Lots of mushrooms of various types coming up all over from the wet. Fall colors that are beautiful at the moment. The low areas are full of water where the frogs are busy getting ready to burrow in for the winter. Just a whole bunch of fun stuff. And so we ended our little outing with smiles and a warm feeling.

It's okay to remember.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A perfect day


One of my models took a break from a studio session we were doing and got on the wife's potting wheel, which is in the same studio.
Naked potting. Easy clean up.

Mean while another model grabbed a camera and began shooting her own stuff.


Nude women running all over the place.
A little dry, red wine and life is good.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sarah Jean ~ "Surrounded"

We left our heroine last time just as she had fallen from her horse and her gun had flung out of its holster. The cacti clan moved in and had her surrounded but little did they know of the derringer she had hidden.
Tune in next time for: It's A Prickly Situation, or, Throw Up Your Hands And Dance.

I'm in one of those moods.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Nature Girl

Nature Girl ~ I Also Eat Dirt

Blue sky! I had forgotten what color sky was. Blue! Now I remember. Has been a long, long time.
It is a bit windy out there and colder than a witch's tit but I am going to work outside today.
It's not raining!!!!!!!!!

Dirt up your butt

Nature Girl

Well here is something you don't see everyday, these days. A nude child. People are scared to death to post an image of a nude child for fear of being thrown in jail or some such.

This was a shoot I was doing with the mom. She didn't have a baby sitter and so she brought Nature Girl along. We were working a dirt hillside near her home and Nature Girl was getting fussy as my wife tried to keep her occupied. Eventually Nature Girl was turned loose to join mom in playing on the dirt hillside. The diaper came off sometime while playing in the dirt and this image was born.
Most of my best images that day were of Nature Girl.

There is nothing sexual about such an image, and I have issues with those who attempt to make it so in the name of societies current moral values.

Remember the good old days when the family album had photos of your children (or you) in the bath tub? No one at the pharmacy where the film was developed gave a hoot. Heck, they had photos of their kids in the bath tub.
These days if you brought your film or digital card in for prints to Wal-Mart they would no doubt call the local police on you.
We have not grown as a species. All we have done is regressed into a scared little animal who is afraid of its own shadow.
So sad. So sad.
Whatever happened to having fun with kids?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gert against God

Abigail ~ "A Time For Reflection"

Gert has hit an all time low.
You have learned by now that she gave up serving food at her place long ago. Too lazy to get her ass out of bed, and too lazy to cook.
The other day the area was having a large garage sale type of thing going on and stuff was set up all over town.
We have one building that is affiliated with the church that is called the Family Center where kids can play in a gym, adults can use exercise equipment, and various activities go on for families. They decided to serve some food during the garage sale.
Gert called the county and turned them in because they didn't have a license to serve food.
That was the straw that broke the locals back.
She has sunk to a new low, even for Gert.
I do believe she has gotten the last dollar from me and most of the regulars she will get, and the coffee klatch crew has found a new home in the mornings down the road.
Gert can wallow in her failing business. She did it all herself.

Now I am going to have to find something or someone else to entertain myself.
I've got a very large pair of, red plaid pajama pants to fill with this one. Ufda!

Nigera does not hold a candle to U.S. scammers

Billy Bob

I get really tired of people who send me notices to enter their on-line juried art shows or their magazine (so called) juried submissions.
What a scam.
But there are people who enter this stuff because they want to be accepted into something.
The on-line show or the magazine is going to get filled up with images, and they will no doubt be somewhat good images, but the person who is hosting this is doing it only to making money, the only reason for it. So you are paying to have your work shown, in a magazine that in five years you will own the only copy of, or worse, you entered an on-line show that no one will see and you will not have a copy of. You won't sell anything and no one will pay the least bit of attention.
It does look good on your resume' if you are dealing with a coffee shop gallery. If you are dealing with a major gallery you best leave that off your artist history.
I guess it boils down to: There is a place for everyone in the world. An opportunity to have your little bit of fame even if no one cares but you. And I guess that is good. Makes everyone cozy and comfy thinking there is someone out there that gives a shit about what you do.
Self published books are the ones I find hilarious. You are scamming yourself.
Self abuse for the purpose of boosting your ego. I'm sure there are many medical topics related to this condition.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sensual Abs


I got a lot done outside yesterday but my back is telling me today that I did a bit too much. It is going to be an Advil day.
More rain. Just what we need.
I cut down a 70 foot tall black ash tree and hauled it out of the swamp. It will be part of next winter's firewood for the studio. I have more than enough for this winter.
Black ash is the firewood of kings. I wish all of my firewood was black ash.
The problem with harvesting black ash is it grows in the swamps. That means standing in calf deep water and then dropping the tree in the water. Chain saws make a mess when you are cutting underwater with them. It is not fun work and it is dirty and wet. But if you wait until this time of year to harvest the black ash you don't have the mosquitoes to deal with.

Time for tea.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall day


It is a beautiful day outside. About 58 degrees and sunny. The leaves are turning nice reds and yellows and should peek in color in about a week.
Just too nice a day to be indoors so....bye.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Even though it is orange, it is whites

Abigail & I

Another one of those images no one cares about except Abigail and myself.
That's okay. I'm not here for your benefit, but rather to entertain myself more than anything. Like most blogs.
I have no delusions that this blog is here for any other reason than to give me something to do. I'm not going to change anyone's mind and I certainly know better than to preach my ideas
(as right as they are) as being what others should think. Heck, if you have that serious of a cause, take it up at the polls that you love so much.
I think we should do away with people's right to vote because they have shown to be stupid along those lines time after time after time.
But that's me.

No, I'm here to talk about laundry.
A single man can go for years and years and be oblivious to this laundry mystery thing. We take off our clothes and put them into the wash machine, and when it is full of dirty clothes we add soap and turn it on. Things will go along for years that way, just like clockwork.
Then....bam! The guy gets married and all of a sudden everything that went so smooth before comes to a grinding halt.
The terms, Whites vs Colored is injected into our otherwise ignorant vocabulary of doing laundry. What we though we knew about laundry no longer applies.
Being male, we assume whites vs colored means whites go in a load together and colored clothes go in a separate load. Things go along for a couple of weeks that way fine, although we don't quite get why we need to do two loads of laundry when everything would fit in the same load, but we do it anyway just to make her happy. Then...bam! "What are you doing? You put my yellow undies in with the colored clothes."
We soon learn, the hard way that whites do not mean white. Whites, we think means white and yellow. Then bam! I guess it means pink underwear also. Bam! And salmon.
Now we are so confused we are afraid to ask if the teal blue bra goes in the whites or the colored so we wash that one item separate from everything else so as not to get into trouble.
After about a year a man will learn that whites vs colored clothes means: Your clothes are colored. Her clothes are whites. Doesn't matter that her clothes might actually be hunter green, they go in the whites load.
What they really mean is, "I don't want my clothes in with your dirty clothes" so us women have come up with this term, whites vs colored clothes. It is a nice way of saying, Keep your grungy stuff out of the wash machine when my beautiful stuff is in there.
If women would say that from the start men would have a much simpler life and probably live longer, but I don't think that is part of their plan.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Cousin It ~ Billy Bob

It is the second day of one of the worst driving days in the history of Northern Minnesota. Every year they have a two day, 47 mile long garage sale on one of the windiest, twistiest two lane roads in North America. The road is so bad that in a ten mile stretch you can count over a dozen memorial crosses of people who have been killed. And they only began putting up the crosses about four years ago. It is not a road for people who get car sick, that's for sure.
And these idiots host a 47 mile long garage sale on it. No shoulder what-so-ever to pull onto.
If you use this road to travel anywhere you do not take it this weekend at all. If you live on the road you do not leave your home.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Take that, Robert Frost

Abigail ~ "Salty"

Spent better than 2/3 of the day canning and freezing veggies from the garden. Turned out we did not get the heavy frost last night after all, but it is just as well I got everything in all at once. It has forced me to do something with them just to make room to cook in the kitchen.

Last night the coyotes were going nuts and today the eagles are circling overhead. They probably took down one of those small vermin deer with the spots last night.
Go Coyotes!

I have been chatting with my new (long range) muse every morning now for a week or so. Last night she had to go out of town and this morning my email was silent.
It didn't feel right. Like getting up and going to work without having coffee.

With the fat thighs
of a young farm girl
wrapped around my loins,
I am dying of loneliness

Didn't know I was a poet, did you?

Friday, September 17, 2010


Brooke ~ Cascade River my wife calls it.
Piss on everything, tomorrow's Saturday.
For those of us who have retired from the daily grind of getting up and going to work, we hardly notice the weekends except that there is another lump in bed with you at 8:00 in the morning that is not there Monday through Friday that late.

I put a new shower head in the bathroom. Today I am going to pull it off and fix it.
Call me an environmental waster but I just am not ready to give in to these wimpy shower heads with the government flow restrictions in them. I want a shower that blasts the dirt off of me.
I can fix this one with a 3/8" drill bit run through the little bitty hole it came with.
I don't want to be misted. I'm not a plant.
I don't quit understand this water saving equipment we are forced to use. How is it saving water when you have to stand in the shower three times as long to rinse the soap out of your hair? How is it saving water when you have to flush the toilet twice to get everything to go down?
I'm all for being environmentally friendly but let's be reasonable about how we go about things and not jump in with governmental regulations because some politician is being funded by Greenpeace.

Growing season is over for the garden so it is time to get the remaining veggies in. That will be today's project.

"Why you closing me down, Louie?"

Sarah Jean ~ Taken with a 4X5 camera and Tri-X film

I think I had a tree fort in this tree when I was a kid. That would have been many, many years ago. It is about a mile and a half from the house I grew up in in what was then rural Illinois. Now it is a sea of homes as far as you can see. This little patch of woods was acquired by the
Forest Preserve District of that county and will remain woods. It is about all that is left from my childhood.
Please click on the image to make it somewhat larger for viewing.
Sarah Jean and I were finishing up a seven state road trip that had taken us down into Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. We had also shot in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois
And it was the very next day after having taken this image that I met Abigail for the first time.

Pope: Priest abuse came as 'a shock'

"Why Ricky, I'm shocked to find gambling going on in here."
Who is he trying to kid? Is he trying to say he is the last person on this planet to learn this? They ought to bounce his ass out of there. Lying bastard.
He ought to move to Utah with the rest of the religious cult idiots.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No more red shoes.


Six friggin deer in my yard at the moment, munching off everything they can. Pardon me while I go eliminate them.

There, that's better. Vermin creatures.
They smell bad when you cook them and they taste terrible. Why anybody would want to spend money to hunt one is beyond me.
Wolf food. The only thing they are good for. Then I feel sorry for the wolves having to eat venison.
Disney is responsible for much of it. Bambi. Nothing but a skinny legged rodent with spots. The skunk (Flower) should have given that bastard a shot right in the face.

The French senate approved Tuesday a law banning any veils that cover the face.
Wow! Is this world getting weird or what. I wonder if it covers ski masks in the middle of winter.
A country with a dress code. What are they going to come up with next?

The wife scrapped ice off her windshield when she left for work this morning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More with the bloody sunflower

M'wa ~ "Spear Fisherman"
(Spearing Sunfish)

I try and make a trip to the Boundary Water every fall around this time. This year I don't think I will be able to make it.
I remember my first trip there. My parents were not much for outdoors stuff and had no clue what the Boundary Waters was all about. They thought it was a good size lake with campsites scattered around the edges. When my brother and I said we wanted to go on a week long Boundary Waters canoe adventure my dad hauled us to Moose Lake, east of Ely and dumped us off with our canoe, camping gear and food. He said he would be back in a week to pick us up. I really think he thought we were going to camp or something like that.
After a couple of days paddling, several portages and about seven lakes latter we were dead lost. I was eight and my brother was ten.
I still can get lost up there, and I bring maps.
There are things that I have learned over the many years of canoeing the Boundary Waters. Like, leave the axe at home. Leave the ultra light camping gear at home. Leave the Coleman lantern at home. Bring a moose call to tease the moose out of the woods in the evening. Bring a comfortable chair. Bring a pillow. And make sure everything you have is in weather proof sacks. Everything. Leave the canvas and nylon backpacks home.
Bring a large tent because you may be couped up in it for days while you wait out torrential down pours.
And nothing is bear proof.
Now I have the urge to grab my canoe and carry it around the yard a few times. Maybe I will make it yet this year.

Fine art, color?

Erin ~ "Child in Forest"

Some images just need to be black and white. Green leaves and grass need to be shades of gray. But sometimes colors need to be in the image because they tell so much. Such as this one:

Brooke ~ "Inca Temple"

You could not convey the moss covered sandstone in a black and white image. It would look good, but the story would be missing so much.
Let's see...

It does look nice, and if it was the only way you had seen the image it would be wonderful. But there is so much more that the color version tells us.

I work in both B&W and color. What stays color and what gets changed to B&W all depend on what I am trying to get across to the viewer.
We get too hung up on this B&W thing when we talk about fine art.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Alaskan


What a nice day.
And it didn't rain.

BWCA Adventure

Erin ~ Soaking up some sun at our campsite

Lower Knife Lake:
By the time we reached this spot and set up camp, Erin and I had paddled our canoe two days and portaged four times. There was not another soul within twenty miles of us. I had caught about a six pound northern pike that morning that we would have for dinner.
The weather was warm for northern Minnesota and we enjoyed the warmth, soaking up as much of it as we could. We would be out several more days before we returned to civilization.

Gert has flown the coup once again. The fifteen men left over the weekend and Gert with them.
Bonnie, the tarbender didn't show up this morning so I made coffee myself. There still is coffee at the place and the electric has not been turned off as of yet. Gert's Tavern still breaths life, even if it is being run by the locals.

I spoke with a very good friend yesterday evening. She reminded me that my work speaks of myself. I am in every image I take. Not physically, but I am there. If not, the image is worthless.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Steaming up the windows

Mayla ~ Duck Hunters Companion

It was about this time last year when I was paid a visit by Mayla. She stayed for a couple of days and we managed to work a bit outdoors between rains but mainly worked in the studio.
I remember the water in the lake feeling damn cold and it was all she could do to get in this far. Actually looking it was October 28th. No wonder the water was cold.

I'm in the process of making my all-day spaghetti sauce. About twice a year I get the urge to manufacture the stuff. Usually once about this time of year when all the tomatoes are ripe in the garden. And it literally takes me all day to create it from total scratch.
The end result is well worth the effort, if you like a good spaghetti sauce rather than this crud they sell you in jars. Some people like cheap crud spaghetti sauce though. Sort of like the people who like Campbell soups. If you like salt water you probably like Campbell soups. It is all on what you grew up on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ugh! I will never like red plaid again.

A canoeing encounter with a rock chuck
(rare to see one out during the day)

Gert's back. Whoda thunk?
I was having coffee this morning like I normally do when out of the kitchen comes Gert. Gert in a pair of red plaid pajama bottoms that look like they had not been washed for thirty years. And big? Almost as big as Gert. It would have been nice if they were two sizes bigger than they were, but then they probably don't make red plaid pajamas that big.
I don't know what she had on top. My eyes never got that far. Trust me...worn out, dirty red plaid pajamas that are two sizes too small on a gal as big as Gert is something that would lock anybody's brain up. I don't think I ever looked higher than her waist. I'm almost afraid to think what she might have had on top.
But it was almost noon so you can't expect Gert to be dressed just yet.
My immediate question was, What was she doing here?
She poured herself a cup of coffee off the hot plate and whirled (more like thrashed) around and headed back into the kitchen.
I looked at Bonnie. Bonnie came over to me and said, "She showed up late last night with about fifteen guys. They are all in the rooms upstairs."
What was she up to? There can't be fifteen males in the state of Minnesota that would follow Gert home. I don't care how much money she promised them.
Then it happened again. The red, worn out, dirty plaid pants that were too damn tight came thundering back out into the bar.
Sorry. I still missed what she was wearing on top. I will try really hard to catch it next time.
She shuffled her greasy gray slippers up to Bonnie and said she would be cooking breakfast for the fellows if anybody calls.
What? She won't cook for the locals.
As the swinging door to the kitchen closed behind her several items hit the door from the locals who were sitting at the bar. I know I saw a glass full of swizzle sticks go careening by and a salt shaker that missed the door altogether and hit the cash register.

On another note. I'm looking at a sticker on this keyboard and wondering what it says. So I drag it over to the window where the light is better for reading small print and it says, "Warning. To reduce the risk of serious injury, read the manual."
Now what on earth can I do with a keyboard that would cause myself serious injury?
I could shove it up my butt. That would probably hurt like hell and might even cause some severe damage. But I'm not likely to do that.
We have gotten carried away with warnings that are meant to protect people from themselves. Time to stop.

It is time to bash Model Mayhem once again. They have added new stuff that just makes it a pain in the ass to look at something, and still the site is not working the way it should.
Quit trying to be cute and spend the time and money on making a web site that works.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i m kool

Smell the Roses
I do get it. I do get where this country went wrong.

"My name is lexi..i go to onalaska high school and i will be a senior this coming year!! i am the captin of my cheerleading squad, luv haning wit friends and parting it up for sure:)..iam a fun and shy girl at times."

Just maybe she should have paid a little more attention in English class. Or maybe she has been "parting it up" a bit too much.

This was from one of the last models to sign up on M.M. as a nude model. OMG!
We coddle to this imbecile writing that Facebook people have adapted. We think it is a normal way in which to communicate.

One more reason I will never, ever be a member of Facebook. I don't want to be associated with these people. In any way, shape or form.

Friday, September 10, 2010

mumbley peg?

Sarah Jean & Heather ~ "The Briar Rose Affair"
(Taken about three hours after I got married. Both were wedding guests.)

Men (boys) like their pocket knives. I remember my first one. Lost it the same day. Lost many pocket knives over the past half century, some of them so fast I never got a chance to use them.
When I was growing up in a rural part of Illinois a pocket knife was in the pants of every male school child. Even in the first grade you carried a pocket knife. It was expected. You played mumbley peg at recess with your pocket knife. It wasn't a weapon back then, it was a tool that all males carried. Somewhere along the lines people decided to take that privilege away and make pocket knives a mysterious thing that the kids then would sneak into school because it was so mysterious and DEADLY. Society screwed up yet another good thing.
Like I said, I have lost many pocket knives and you would think with all the pocket knives lost by all the males in this country over the last two hundred years we would be up to our eye balls in lost pocket knives. I lost one last year while shooting a model on the north shore. I guess it is not really lost as I know just where I left it, but it is a few hundred miles from here and I am not about to drive there to retrieve it.
The one I have in my pocket at the moment is one I have lost and found many time. As a matter of fact I got it in 1994 as I was getting ready to go moose hunting. It is a small knife with about a three inch blade but it has been through some hideous adventures with me, including gutting out that moose because my knives for doing just that were left back at camp, some three hours worth of hiking away.
I lost it one time and was missing it for about a month. I had burnt down the log home I was living in so I could build a new home on that spot. I had someone with a back hoe come in and remove all the things that did not burn and scrape the ground clean. As I walked about looking at the spot, there in the dirt was this knife. Now when I lose it I do not get my knickers in a twist because I know I will find it someday soon. We were not meant to be apart long.
One thing I abhor is a cheap pocket knife. You know the ones. They sell for three dollars in a bucket near the register in a sporting goods store. Made in China. Also I hate a dull pocket knife. Why are these people carrying around the extra weight if they can't cut anything?
When you were a kid you learned a few things about pocket knives. First, don't stab with it. Back then there were no locking blades and if you stabbed something the blade folded up on your fingers. Second, don't use it as a prying tool. Many a kid walked around with a pocket knife with the main blade broken off. Three, it is okay to gut a woodchuck and peel an apple in the same day with your knife without washing the blade but don't gut a woodchuck and then peel an apple three days latter without washing the blade first. Washing consists of wiping the blade on your sweat shirt so all the larger chunks of woodchuck come off.
There is something magic in pocket knives.
I am what you would call a pocket knife fanatic. As I sit here I can count three on the desk. There is the one in my pocket and I can locate a dozen more within seconds. In my camping gear there is a half dozen and in my camera bag there are at least two. Some like the Swiss Army knife is there for the tools rather than the blade itself. Others are for certain jobs that I don't want to use my regular one for. Each has its own reason for being. Most get used very little with the exception of the one in my pocket. It gets used many time a day from slicing a tomato in half out in the garden, to prying a bottle cap off a beer, to cutting a loose thread off some clothing, to gutting a woodchuck, or opening a package that is all taped up.
The pocket knife. What a wonderful invention.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

California Dreaming


I have been chatting with an all natural gal from California. I know, What the heck is she doing there with all the plastic ones? I don't know, but she is a hoot and I am looking forward to working with her when my turn comes round. Looks like that might be awhile. She seems to have her schedule filled until the dead of winter and I want to work outdoors with her.
If I could make the trip out to her I would, but I can't so I must wait until spring. Poop!
In the mean time she has been previewing me with images taken of her recently. That of course makes me all the more anxious to work with her.

Went and saw, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum last night at the Edge Center. I enjoyed it very much. I was a bit tired and by the end I was wanting to head home and get some sleep, but still it was a good evening.
During the intermission there was a small orgy in the gallery, hosted by Jack and Lynn which fit right in. My only complaint about the orgy part of the evening was I thought a Shiraz would gone better than the Cabernet with the grapes.

Happy Birthday Bonnie

Abigail ~ Fondling my cucumber.

Well the tarbender at Gert's Tavern is going to turn 50 in a few days. A damn good looking 50 too, I might add.
She would make a great model. Better looking than most 40 year old models out there.
I'm still hopeful...but not holding my breath.

We didn't get the frost they were calling for but ten miles north of here got hit with a hard frost. We were just borderline with it being 32 degrees that morning for the low.
But it is time for me to turn off the water to the outdoor shower and bath tub that are on the deck. I have woken to split water pipes in the past and it makes me a bit grumpy to see water spraying all over the place before I have had my morning coffee.

I also need to start thinking about getting the boats in. All I have out at the moment are two pontoon boats but they are a pain in the ass to get out of the lake by myself, but I will. Just don't like thinking about doing it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Road Trip

Sarah Jean ~ "From A Distance It Looked Like Heaven"

I have been spending a lot of time talking with models and photographers lining things up for the road trip.
First I need to head to Michigan where a model/photographer and I are going to be doing a quid pro quo shoot. She will model for me and I will model for her. Then I am heading to the Badlands and shoot a gal I have been wanting to work with for about a year, but on the way there I am going to work Blue Mounds State Park with a local gal from that area.
I have decided to take Golden Hooves on this trip. Sort of like taking your dog for one last walk before you put them to sleep. I have no doubt Golden Hooves will make the trip. She is still putting along with 317,000+ miles on her. A new set of shoes before we go and she will be good. Heck, if I drive with the windows down she might even get a chance to dry out inside.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dumb things


There are some really stupid stuff in this world. Things that make no sense. Things that defy logic.
The wife came home yesterday with some new tee shirts for me. Tee shirts with a pocket.
What would anyone want a pocket on a tee shirt for? What could you possibly carry in a pocket on a tee shirt where you didn't look like some wacko that escaped from a nut house?

With this new computer and its Windows 7 I was unable to adapt my Spyder2 pro calibrator. It has now joined the other STUFF in a cabinet behind me that no longer is usable. I searched high and low for some software that would adapt the bloody thing to Windows 7 but to no avail.
I was a bit luckier with the Epson 4870 pro scanner of the same age however. Windows 7 did not recognize it when I attempted to install it however Epson support was kind enough to have a download for windows 7 that would make it run. If only Datacolor were that kind with their customers.
I shall not buy another monitor calibrator from Datacolor.

But what can you do with a Spyder2 monitor calibration unit? I could stick it to my car windows like a Garfield cat. I could sneak over to the neighbors house at night an stick it to his bedroom window. He thinks aliens are stealing his brain waves anyway and that just might prove to be the best thing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jan Brewer for president in 2012

Brooke ~ "The Cleansing"
Caribou Falls

I have decided to take a road trip. I am going to go down to the very south west corner of Minnesota to Blue Mounds State Park. I have never been there and it sounds intriguing. So right now I am searching for a model to make the trip with me, or to meet me there. I want to get this done sometime in the next three weeks, which is somewhat short notice.
If anyone reading this is interested, let me know. It will entail serious hiking, climbing, and camping and will be TF only, but I will cover all costs and supply all gear for the trip.
Otherwise I will end up using myself as a model on this adventure and the rest of you will have to suffer through seeing that.

Anybody who thinks this Arizona law is something to get worked up over needs to move their bleeding heart asses to California so we can keep an eye on you along with all the other sickos that have nothing important to do with their lives other than bitch about how unfair things are for the poor people who look like they don't belong.

Been seven days since I have had a drink and I'm getting cranky.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tribute to an art model

I think everyone who knows me, reads this blog or has ever spent any time looking at any of the work I have done knows my feeling towards Abigail (Abs). We have done a lot of work together, traveled about the countryside together and she is my best friend. Hardly a day goes by that I do not at least make some sort of contact with her.
The Kinsey Institute in Bloonington, Indiana has three images of Abigail that I have taken in their permanent museum collection. She has been the subject of one of my images that took first place in a prestigious juried art show three years ago. And she has been present in almost every art show I have done over the last six years.
So without further ado I would like to pay tribute to this lady in the only way I know how, a bunch of photos of her taken over the years. Note they are in no particular order either of importance to me, or chronological, just random ones I selected out of my some eight thousand Abigail images.
Click on any to enlarge.

Cliff Dweller

Sunrise on the Big Lake


The Diver


Above The Bar

The Pine Cone Waltz

The Abs Pose

You Boil My Blood


Little American

The Woodman's Child


Stretch #13

Some People Do Go Both Ways

Valley Of Fear


Do you wanna dance, or do you wanna dance?


The Old Tree

Even Dirty Old Photographers Need Love

In My Garden

(sigh) That was me.