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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Got to love em


Sometimes all it takes is a well lit butt to make me happy. Erin has one of the good butts for that and I have used it for several gallery prints. My first Kinsey Show image was of her butt.
Abigail, Olivia and Camille have great butts too. Each has their own special features that make them unique. Abigail's I just want to be around, even if I'm not taking photos of it. Not many things in this world more pleasant to look at.



I really dislike it when society changes the rules and says something is now acceptable that wasn't several years ago and that if I do not conform to this acceptance I am an asshole.
I have the right to be prejudice against anything I feel like being prejudice against. And screw you people who attempt to take that right away from us. Seems like whatever you want is the right way and the rest of us are evil. Think real hard about that for a moment and I will get back with you.

Stopped in at Gert's on my way down to the father-in-laws today. Bonnie reminded me that I had been in a couple of days ago and was feeling no pain what-so-ever. That was the day I walked off the end of my dock.
She also jogged my memory about a few other things that took place that day. Ugh!
It was good scotch however.

Gert had bought a a very large window air conditioner at some auction. Probably paid under five bucks for it. Any way she asked me to take a look and see if I could get it wired in so she could cool the bar. I went out back (On the patio as she calls it. The back yard where she stores empty beer cans in black plastic bags and the hot tub full of dirt that has now sprouted weeds.) to take a look at it. About a 1969 vintage 240 volt monster. No brackets for a window or anything to keep it in place.
"Where you thinking of putting this?" I asked, knowing there is not a window in the entire bar.
"Right here."
"But we are a long way from the bar. You have this back room, a hallway, another hallway and then the bar."
"So? I was thinking of making a tunnel out of sheet plastic so it went all the way into the bar from here."
I looked over the unit and at the wiring someone many years ago had put in for the hot tub that never was and thought I could do something with that wiring to accommodate the air conditioner.
"I ain't building a bracket to hold this in the window. That you are on your own with."
"I was think'in of bring'in a table out here to set it on and just pok'in the front in this here window."
"You do that and I will hook it up. But it is gonna cost you a few Becks."
"You say'in you're gonna cheat me out of more beer than ya do now?"
"Yep! Give me a hoot when ya got her up on the table and in place. And for comm'in out here on the patio to give it a look see I am now going to go in and have a Becks on you."
"Love ya too, Gert."
So all you fellows who read this and think I am some useless twit that just goes around photographing naked chicks...You are going to have air conditioning this summer because of me. Of course you will only hear it running as the plastic tunnel will carry the sound. The cold part will never reach the bar area.
Damn nice looking wild flowers growing in the hot tub out back though. You should check it out. Smells like stale beer back there with all the old beer cans she has stored, but that should improve when the air conditioner gets to working and it pumps all that odor out of the patio area and into the bar.