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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Abs & Me / Lone Ranger & Tonto

I know. I need to repaint my studio wall.

You are either a stump person or a non stump person.
When I was a kid my dad would spend days burning out a tree stump from our yard (land). He would build charcoal fires and put fans on it so that the stump would cook away.
My grandfather just blew them out of the ground with dynamite. These were non stump people. They didn't want that stump there, they wanted it to be gone when the tree was gone. For some reason, stumps were evil or some such, but stumps had to go, at all cost.

I on the other hand am a stump person. I like stumps. First, they give you a place to sit down and take stock of the world around you. Second, they are a reminder of days past. I have often walked in my woods and looked at old stumps. Mostly cedar tree stumps are all that are left. They were here forty six years ago when I first came to the place and they don't look much different these days. Large cedar trees they were. Some of the stumps are four feet in diameter. I found one that had barb wire growing through the center of it. Judging by my land abstract the place was logged off in 1934. The tree was some 60 to 70 years old then. The barb wire had to have been from about 1860. Civil War or pre-Civil War.
Stumps not only make a great place to park your carcass and tell you a bit of history, but they also keep you in touch with the fact that all things die. Be it trees or humans.
I have a few trees on the property that are older than the Civil War and still going strong. When they do die I hope someone will leave their stumps for people to sit on and reflect back upon what happened during that trees lifetime. Or just think about what a nice day it is to sit here on a stump.

Roberta and I went to our monthly movie last night and saw, On The Waterfront. Although the movie has never been a favorite of mine, mostly because I really dislike Marlon Brando, it does have a good cast of actors that know how to act well and the movie less Brando is very good. He just spoils the thing for me. I managed to get over that enough to somewhat enjoy it on the big screen however.
"I could'a been a contender. I could'a been somebody." Classic lines.