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Thursday, April 19, 2012

San Cristobal ELegancia

Sarah Jean
Made by My Father Cigar and distributed by Ashton Cigar this is a very solid, and very well made stick.  It sports an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over some dandy Nicaraguan tobacco.
I'm not a big fan of pale wrappers as they leave a somewhat metallic taste in my mouth that I am not fond of, but this one was not bad.  I even like the band on this cigar.  Sports a very nice parrot with some ships in the background.
Although seemingly flawless in construction and a very well made cap, the cap was a little thin.  Didn't hurt anything but another layer would have been fitting for an otherwise great looking cigar as this is.
First puff I noticed that this was a cool smoking cigar and I was going to like it.  The flavor was sea air and a little hay.  Very enjoyable.
As it progressed it ran through the gamut of oak, pepper and cashews.
This is a good morning cigar when you don't want something strong and heavy.
What would I pay?  $8.00 in a cigar store.

In Wisconsin.
Seems all these people who complain can have sex in their home but just don't want other people to have a good time with it.
When are people going to accept sex as a part of being in the animal kingdom?
Sex!   Ohhhh.  Such a terrible thing.
For those opposed to sex on a nude beach I say, Get a life.  Quit trying to keep others from enjoying themselves because you are stuck in a relationship with a prude, or you just don't have a healthy sexual relationship at all.  Let people do what they were meant to do, have sex. Quit trying to stop the world because you are not involved.
Sex in the bushes.  What a terrible thing!  At least they are going into the bushes.  They could have sex on the beach, which I would find okay.
I would much rather come around a corer in my canoe and see two people enjoying a natural sex act than seeing a bloody, vermin, deer.
I don't understand why we allow the Church Ladies to run our lives.
And for the Wisconsin DNR to take part in this is an outrage.  They should know better.  But then the Wisconsin DNR has always been a joke to the rest of the country.
Leave people alone.  Sex is a natural act that was necessary for everyone on this planet to exist.
I really hate humans as a whole.  They are selfish morons that want to be able to do something but not allow other to do the same.  It is okay if I go home and have sex with my wife, but heaven forbid you have sex with your wife where I might see it.
Shame on the Wisconsin DNR.  Shame on Wisconsin.  If you have to look through a telescope to see someone having sex in the bushes you are invading someone's privacy.  Someone who has taken a precaution to get out of the normal view of people.  That places the Wisconsin DNR in the category of, PERVERTS.
Why not look into my bedroom window?  Assholes.
And the lady who rents canoes should be happy because I would guess that most people who rent canoes from her do so so they can cruise by that public, nude beach.  Shut it down and her business would dry up in a heart beat.
I have been to that beach.  It is the only area in the midwest where one can go and shed their clothing.  Places like Arizona and New Mexico have abundant areas where clothing is optional.  But midwest Church Ladies rule the roost.  Sad.