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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I think I have explained before that in cigar talk, Double Maduro does not mean a wrapper and a binder that is maduro.  A misconception that keeps getting spread about.  Double maduro means longer fermenting than normal.
Now to prove me just a little wrong, CAO has come out in their X2 series an MX2 to join their LX2, of which I will be reviewing at a later date when it settles down a bit in the humidor.  But for now this MX2 is up.  This cigar has two maduro layers, but they are not a maduro wrapper and a maduro binder.  I think you would be hard pressed to find a maduro binder out there in cigar world.  This one has two maduro wrappers.  The outter one being a very dark chocolate brown and oh so oily.  This one even leaves an oil sheen on your fingers (I'm squealing with excitement).   This also has some Peruvian fillers that get my taste buds flowing.
What they said:  Spicy sweet layers of flavor.
What I say:  I was a little disappointed in the thickness of the cap.  Pretty damn thin.  But I do like the feel of this stick in my hands.  Makes you want to just hold it all day.
Not much of a smell, which also was a bit disappointing.
First draw was uneventful and could have been any old cigar with little flavor, but then ...BAM, the thing kicked in and I was sent to a dark, old forest in the Pacific northwest.  Deep into the woods where people do not go and everything is covered with a thick layer of moss.  Giant trees covered with moss hanging down in curtains.  This was the taste that was being conveyed to me, not spicy, and I loved it oh so much.  I didn't want to open my eyes and find I was sitting at the kitchen table.  The flavors were mostly coming from that wrapper.  I don't know if it was from the oily maduro Connecticut on the outside or the Brazilian maduro on the inside, or a combination of both.  But it was heaven.
Draw was a little tight until about mid point and then it loosened up.  Must have been a tight spot right there and it finally burned through.
Good cigar.
The LX2 is going to be potent and I will get to that when it ages a bit.
For now I am very pleased with the smoke from this one but think they could have put a few extra layers on the cap.
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.

Got a large shipment in of cigars so it looks like there will be plenty of data ahead in that area.

This image just came down from a gallery show in VT.  It was the first time this image was shown.  Didn't sell, as usual.