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Friday, May 4, 2012

Partagas 1845 Black Label

A quick note for those who might be interested.  Beach Cigar, the ones responsible for Gurkha cigars has changed their name to Gurkha Cigar Group.  A reasonable name change seeing how Gurkha is recognized by all cigar people but say, Beach Cigar Co. and no one would have a clue who they were.
Turtle Lake at sunset.
Sarah Jean

As with most of the Partagas cigars I have tried, this one is top notch in construction with a good solid cap and no soft spots.
The deep dark, oily, medio tiempo sun grown wrapper is wonderful to feel in the hand.  Pre light draw was easy and brought out flavors of barn yard and leather.
Once lit I was getting black pepper and toast.  Not heavy on the toast, but the black pepper was right up there where you have got to be a fan of black pepper, as I am.
Burn was even and long.
About mid point the flavors switched to coffee.  Dark coffee.  And that ever present barn yard taste that I love.
This was one fine cigar.  I'm glad I got a few of them in on my last shipment.  These will rest a bit longer in the humidor before I have another one.  They will only get better.  And they are great now.

"The Scream" by Munch sold for almost 120 million dollars the other day.  Have you taken a close look at it?  it looks like it was done by a third grader using crayons.
I don't get it.  It is a piece of crap.  The artsy fartsy group can argue all they want, attempting to make a case for it, but it is a piece of crap that took two minutes to make as a joke.
Sometimes this arsty farsty world just goes off the deep end.  This is one of those cases and there is no water in the pool, people.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Partagas 1845

This is the plain old Partagas cigar.
In 1961 when Fidel took over the Government of Cuba, Ramo'n Cifuentes fled Cuba and began over again building what was a premium cigar plantation in Cuba to his now new digs in the Dominican Republic.  17 years later he turned out a good cigar once again and the Partagas Cigars have been doing very well since.
This plain old Partagas has a African Cameroon wrapper that imparts one of the best flavors ever to a cigar.  My trouble is they are so delicate I can't keep one on the cigar.  I'm just to damn rough with them, even when I am sitting still and trying to be careful
What they said:  Pure smoking pleasure with hints of cedar and coffee.  A consistent smoke throughout the cigar.
What I say:  I will almost mirror those words.  This is a consistent cigar from start to finish.  If you are one of those who likes the cigar to change as it burns and you experience different flavors as it goes, this is not the cigar for you.  What you get at the beginning is what you will still be getting at the end.
That said, what you get is wonderful.
The cap was strong and thick.  A good sign.  I noted a bit of shrinkage on the wrapper at the foot.  A not unusual thing for a Cameroon leaf.
The color was medium brown and had a few spots that are also normal for this type of leaf.
Lighting it I was flooded with a toast, flowed by a subtle cinnamon flavor.  Strong toast was the major thing going on here and I failed to pick up any cedar taste.  I like the toast however and this one was going to give me that.  A medium bodied cigar so it was not killing the back of my throat, and that was a good thing because I smoked too many cigars yesterday and was a bit raw.  No, this was a pleasant cigar that I really enjoyed.
What would I pay?  $8.00 in a cigar store.

Package that is in the U.S. postal service update:  It is in Hodgkins, Illinois.

I see the guy who must never have gotten any respect in his lifetime has surfaced once again to tell us all over again why we should act like assholes to police officers.  I think he is trying to get even with the world for having had a crappy life.