Sunday, August 5, 2012


Wife's boat

I got to thinking about my post the other day and how young people these days seem to be able to relate to the opposite sex with indifference toward lust.  They conduct themselves as....Friends.
That was unheard of when I was that age.  Boys and girls did not mix unless they were going after one another.
I certainly am not saying these new standards are worse than when I was young, like so many older people do when they complain about the younger generations.  On the contrary, I think it shows a vast improvement in human relationship to one another and welcome it strongly.
But I was contemplating just why and how this change took place in such a short span of time.  Certainly it was not evolution needing to make some serious change in humans to adapt....or was it?
I spoke on the subject to a school teacher of 30 years wanting to get her take on this.  She agreed that boys and girls interact like brother and sister these days and can talk with one another openly, whereas 30 years ago that was not the case.  She had formulated three reasons for this change.  First was TV commercials of various sanitary napkins, douches and such that came out.  Boys were exposed openly to the once secrete part of the female animal that had, up until that point been kept from them.  And condom commercials.  All this left nothing secret.  What was left not to talk about.  She noted that boys and girls openly talked about things in the classroom that would have made our parents grab us by the back of the neck and drag us into the backroom for a good talking to.
She also referenced morals being slackened where subject matter was no longer restricted to weather.
Her last reason for this abrupt change was due to dysfunctional households. Parents no longer there to direct their children in the path they grew up in.  Boys and girls were allowed to have friends of the opposite sex without guidance.  She said it is probably the only thing good that came out of one parent; two working parent; or non-involved parenting.  And although there are parents who do spend a great deal of time these days with their children and make every attempt at raising them properly, this mix of make/female friendship has become the norm and perfectly acceptable standard.
For the young people out there, those less than 50, my story about boys and girls not mixing unless it was for the purpose of lustful intentions may seem like I am from the dark ages, but let me assure you, it was not that long ago.
I only wish this change had happened before I was around so I too could have had female friends when I was growing up.  I always found them to be much smarter, a lot prettier, and much more enjoyable to be around than a bunch of guys.
You don't realize what a great privilege you have going for you.

I suppose I should leave you with a photo of some female figure in a landscape, after all that is why most of you are here.
November Gale

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RandJ-Photo said...

In most households the man argues to great lengths to bring a boat home. Especially a project boat. But you are the second male friend to benefit from such luck. But I have to say yours looks more sea worthy at the beginning than his.

His provided many enjoyable days working on power lifts for the out-drives, patching holes in the hull from the previous craftsman that owned the boat and pumping the rotten spaces in the transom with epoxy. These enjoyable projects were only occasionally interrupted by operating the boat in the water but then these outings provided new opportunities to patch holes in the hull and such.

And unlike a power boat, a sailboat makes a wonderful addition to the yard. Yours looks great sitting there by the trees. And shooting models on a landlocked sailboat shouldn't result in drowned cameras.