Thursday, July 5, 2012

Apple took some major steps into the caveman era to bring us this piece of crap

Erin (e-string) From the "Cliff Dwellers" series

Just spent two days attempting to get some images off a PC computer and onto a iPad.  What a screwed up system these Apple people have.  I have never seen such horsing around to transfer images in my life.
You couldn't give me one of those iPads.  What a horse shit system that is.
Why couldn't they make it so the iPad was like any external device where you drag and drop.  Nooooooo.
They make you create a folder and then sync it to the iPad, which if you know anything about computers you can probably do.  Those of us who don't know all that much are lost.  And Apple is no help to people who don't understand.  Their attitude is, If you have not kept up with technology, why should we make any attempt to help you out.
I can bet you can drag and drop with Microsoft's tablet.
Apple can go the way of the dodo as far as I am concerned.  And it would be nice if they took those gawd damn cell phones with them.  Obnoxious, intruding, noise making mindless contraptions.  Built for people who can't think on their own but have to irritate everyone around them while they display to the world they are mindless twits.

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Gary Petersen said...

I just email the photos to myself and grab them on the iPad. Works fine but a bit kludgy.