Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where is the, "I Like Donkeys" flag?

GM sold their last vehicle to me.  They are flying a Gay Pride flag in front of their operation.
I have spoken many times on this subject.  I have nothing against gay people.  I have nothing against people who want to have sex with donkeys, as long as the donkey doesn't object.
I do have a problem with why it has to be shoved in everyone's face.  GM doesn't fly a Straight People flag.  And they don't fly a Sex With Donkey's flag.  Why must we be forced to look at a Gay Pride flag?   What makes this sexual oddity any different than any other sexual oddity that it needs its own flag run up on a pole in front of a car manufacturer, or a normal sexual behavior for that matter?
What is going on with the world?  I'm ready to get off if they would only pull it over for a minute.
Be happy with your sexual interests, but don't shove them down everyone's throat.  That is going to change my view from, "I don't care about your sexual oddity" to "You people are really pissing me off".

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RandJ-Photo said...

They are testing to see if it really is a "People with more money" flag. They had a "Sex with donkey" flag ready to go but found that financial study group was biased towards sex with donkeys for their own personal reasons and thus skewed the findings.

Trust me, it is only another round in an attempt to kiss up to any demographic groups that appears to have another dime to wrest from their hands.