Friday, June 1, 2012

The treachings of morons

There is a movement these days against police officers.  You all have seen it.  Screw the police and stick to your rights even though doing so makes it hard for officers to do their job.  The movement is all about rights and not about courtesy, politeness, caring, doing the right thing, or responsibility.
I can, therefor I will.  That is all these people are about.  It breeds the contempt and hatred that fills city life these days.  That is why no one in the cities talk to their neighbors or trust them.
What happened to respect?  Gone right out the window.
If a police officer is called to a neighborhood because a person is seen lurking about a house that they know the people are on vacation, the "Rights People" will tell you the person lurking has done nothing illegal and therefore does not need to give their name and address to the officer.  And these nuts will tell you they should not.
If they were that person on vacation and came back to find their house had been broken into and their $10,000 wine collection was missing, I think they would sing a different tune.  I think they would be at the police station wondering why the officer let that person go without getting their name.  Think?
Now I will admit that the police don't know everything.  That includes all the laws.  Heck, the legislature knows far less about the laws than the police, and they wrote them.  There are a lot of laws.
But can't we cut the police officer a little slack and when he, or she asks us for our name?  Give it to them. If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to fear.  The only people who are afraid to give their information to a police officer are those who fear something.
People who attempt to teach others about not giving police officers any information they are not required to do so are breeding assholes that now fill our cities.
I just hope these people stay in the cities and do not infiltrate our rural areas where people are still human beings and respect one another, respect law enforcement, and care about what is going on in our neighborhoods.
I mean, if the guy in the black ski mask walking around your neighbor's house at 2am has done nothing illegal, why would you call the police in the first place if you think that way?  Think about it.
Rights....  yes we have them.  To teach others to abuse those rights in order to piss off a cop is absurd.  And when something happens to these people they are the first to scream that the police did not do their job.
Why is it that most of these people are limp wrist liberals?
No need to answer that question.  We all know why.

On another note:
We gave the Medal of Freedom to a basketball coach?   Go figure!  Tells us how we value that award.
If I had gotten one for something worthy, I would give it back.  I don't think I would want to be included in that group.
I thought the Medal of Freedom was something awarded to those who.....had done something important.  I guess not.  I guess being a basketball coach rates.
Next we will be giving the Medal of Honor to the WalMart greater.

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