Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shut er down

Emma & Faith

I think it is time to close our boarders completely to everybody while we assess the damage that has been done already.  We have over eight million illegal Mexicans running free in this country.  The key word here is, illegal.  
Lets look at the damage.  Not only are they here illegally, but they entered like cowards, sneaking around border crossings.  Grounds for being shot on sight as far as I am concerned.
Then they get sick or hurt and who pays the medical bills?  The rest of us do, driving up already high medical insurance that Obama says we must have.  But the illegal Mexicans are not required to have health insurance.
Let's see, then they send these children to our public schools that we pay for with our tax dollars, but they don;t have to pay anything at all, which drives up our taxes.
They work hard, but then they send a good portion of that money to their families in Mexico so they can sneak more members across the boarder, illegally.
Eight Million!!!  That is more than all the people who live in Chicago.  We are approaching a majority in this country that can not vote, because they are here illegally.
If this doesn't make you want to close the borders and clean house then you have got sawdust between your ears.
We have a serious problem here folks.  And morons like Obama need to be removed from office ASAP.
Romney is no better and will only continue where the moron left off.

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