Thursday, June 7, 2012

A real class act

I don't know if you remember but last year I scheduled a model from Minneapolis to work with me at a State Park on the St. Louis River just south of Duluth.  I drove three and a half hours to get there.  Stopped and bought enough food for two days.  Bought park fees, camping fees, and got there well ahead of time so I could set up camp.  Then I spent a few hours hiking about, scouting the areas where we could work.
She showed up and said it was too cold to work and left.
I spent the rest of the day hiking about and then slept in the tent that night.  The next day I took camp apart and headed home.
All in all it cost me about $300.
I post on my M.M. portfolio a list of models such as this one that have cost me days and hundreds of dollars for naught.
Today I got a message from that model, apparently she spotted my list with her name on it.
The comment she left on my portfolio was in keeping with what I had experienced with her last year.  It is as follows:

 Edith J

2012-06-06 19:24:47

She didn't even capitalize, "dick".  Kids these days!  Texting has ruined any command of the English language they might have had.
Too bad.  She is a good model when she does work.  Just a bad investment, and appears to have the mentality of a twelve year old, and very limited vocabulary skills.  And oh, so sophisticated.
That comment clinched the lid on her coffin for me, and anyone who ever asks me about her.

Once again, Sarah's lovely backside.


D.L. Wood said...

Well dick - I mean Dick and it should be capitalized because We've seen the posted pictures. I certainly have crossed her off my list.

Besides I would be disappointed too in the fact the rebuttal was so slight. You [dumb, stupid, etc.] Dick, You're a Dick, You Dick Head, F**K You Dick or at least some exclamation marks to stress it !!!!!Dick!!!!! would have made me feel better about being attacked. Although seeing her accompanying picture: I think the real problem is that you didn't have a Horse....Dick.

D.L. Wood

Ian said...

She not only failed to use capitalization but also failed to include punctuation afterward. Perhaps she meant to add a question mark at the end in which case she was not insulting you but actually making a request for some...yes, that's it.

Shadowscapestudio said...

The message I received from her after she read this blog today clearly indicates she was not looking for some. At least from me.
Stay tuned for Class Act II coming tomorrow. I have been referred to as one of those children who only has one known parent, and is currently having sex.