Friday, June 15, 2012

negative 1

I'm back in electric.  Feels nice.  Hot showers are a good thing.

We knew THIS was coming.  And who believes they didn't have all this information before the State of Minnesota sold their soul to the mining company two weeks ago?
Asshole politicians.

I love it when a person who called me a crappy photographer and a moron forgets and now sends me a friends request on Model Mayhem.  
I will enjoy my response to him with the utmost pleasure.

Made the 16 hour Twin Cities trip with dad-in-law yesterday.  That V.A. Hospital is run about as well as the Post Office.  One of the biggest money wasting machines this Government has.  But it has always been about creating Government jobs at all cost.  And mostly those Government jobs waste ten times the amount of money a private job of the same caliber would use, with less effectiveness.    

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RandJ-Photo said...

They need to create more of those Gov jobs. Probably the only thing that kept the economy going. Well outside of real estate scams and Ponzi schemes.

Right now the private sector in this country is playing middleman, distributing, marking up and financing stuff made and assembled in China. At least eventually the VA will do something even though it is just poke you with a needle and lose the paper work.