Thursday, June 14, 2012

Digital is just a passing fad

Here is one from my sheet film days.  I do believe this was a 4X5 on Tri-X shot at 200 iso.  Then a quick development in HC110 (Dil B) for 1 minute 45 seconds.  A hot mix where you must work with complete accuracy and haste.    When done right it produces some of the finest black and white images available.  Far better than any digital, I don't care what the digital people say about being better than film.   Not even with their 20 thousand dollar backs.
Of course on a computer monitor it makes no difference.  Not until you stand next to a 36 inch print do you see the flaws of digital work.
And to save your typing fingers, please do write and tell me how great digital is these days and how it is better than film.  You would be talking to a deaf ear and can't convince me.  I have had too many art shows where digital images stood next to film images and there is a world of difference between the two, and digital always looses.

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RandJ-Photo said...

Every time I stop by the camera store i check out the consignment cameras. There have been quite a few medium format cameras I remember lusting over when I could think of affording them now going for less than $1,000 for an entire kit. And don't even get me started on the smell of bellows leather.

And then I acknowledge why view camera images are usually so much better, it was $10 a click for E6 reversal films when I last shot it much. That brings me back to the digital state of mind.

That is until I buy a Nikon FG with some other stuff. And then a three pack of B&W before I get cheap again and put it in my cabinet.

Until a student brings a Holga into one of my digital photo classes last week.

And then one of the local labs that survived sends out an email blast yesterday reminding everyone that they still process film.

And now you pull this on me. It's a conspiracy.

I see at least a medium format coming into my life soon.