Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Civil War is a brewing

The Obama administration just fired the first shot.  What an asshole.  But, I am tickled pink!
He just set in motion Civil War II, and it is high time.  There will now be a division of the states that think the Government is no longer doing its job from the liberal, idiot states.  It will be somewhat a north against south war, but there will be a mix in there that will cause lines to be drawn around each state and not just north and south.  It will be a mess, and I am so looking forward to it.
It will allow people to live in states that uphold the laws on the books or live in states where the Government does whatever it feels like doing, despite what the laws say.
It will be one where you can live in a state controlled by morons that currently run Government or live in states that will eventually have a new Government that works like it was meant to work, for the people.
Of course this will be over the course of several years, but the ball is now rolling.
Go Jan Brewer!!!   Go!!!!!

Jan Brewer for president of the "New Republic States of America".

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