Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sarah Jean & Heather
"The Briar Rose Affair"
Why is it that we have so many damn passwords and user names?  I use to have one of each and it served me well for several years.  Then they no longer took it and wanted combinations of letters and numbers.  Then some, like the bank wants mothers maiden name and the name of your first girl friend or first pet.  Who the hell can remember which one you picked when you signed up for that.  Was my first pet my first dog?  The gold fish I won at the fair when I tossed a ping pong ball into its bowl?  Or the cannery that was bought by my parents?  Did I pick my first girlfriend as the one I went out with, the one I grew up playing with, or was it the one I played spin the bottle with in Dan's parents barn?
Who can remember sequences of #@%*FJBHyi$48)7& for a password.  You write them down on a scrap of paper and shove it under your keyboard.  But it is not there six months later, or if it is there which place that password is for.
My lap top computer has a finger print scanner that works great.  Why can't places like banks have a scanner on the screen where you place your finger and it tells if that is really you?  No password, no user name.  If it is my finger it is me or someone has cut off my finger and at that point I will have other things on my mind rather than what he is doing with my finger at the moment.
This should not be so complicated a process as it is.  Scan. Done.
Some day we will look back on user names and passwords like we look back on cassette tapes in our iPod world.
What the hold up is is beyond me.

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RandJ-Photo said...

I'm working on a cell phone with a cassette player built into the back. It will play selections from the tape as a ring tone. I tried doing a CD player but they are somewhat bulky to put in you pocket.

For some their first pet was their first girl friend. But most of those guys have been caught and aren't allowed to use a computer anymore.

If you need suggestions for passwords try using those sets of random letters they put on these comment forms. God only knows how much dope they smoke to come up with those.