Sunday, May 6, 2012


About ten more days and Golden Hooves and I hit the road again for the annual Kinsey Show Trip.  First thing I will stop outside Chicago and meet up with my friend.  No doubt we will have a beer or two.  I will also be delivering him some darkroom and camera equipment I am glad to get out of my way.  He seems to want to take up wet plate photography and I wish him all the best.
Then I will stop and see my son and grand kids before I pick up  my Chicago based model for the trip and we head out.  I have never met this gal and it should be interesting.  On the 18th we will check into our hotel room in Bloomington, Indiana and get organized for the show that evening at the School of Fine Arts at the University.
After the show we will of course hit the Irish Lion.  An annual tradition after the show.  And a walk over to one of my favorite cigar stores for a few sticks just to help him out.  A couple of Ashton VSGs, probably.
Then back to the room for a little erotic work before bed.  The following day we head to the canyons and work until our bodies are ragamuffins.  Then a nice dinner at the lodge and back to our room in the same lodge for the evening's erotic session, if we are not too damn tired.
On the 20th I will need to return her to Chicago, but I will turn south and head a bit south of St. Louis for a shoot that has had my attention for awhile now.
This all of course if Golden Hooves is up for the task, which I'm sure she is.  She will be pushing 375,000 miles upon our return to northern Minnesota.  Piece of cake!
Of course that Chicago model may never work with me again after having spent three days bouncing around inside G.H., but there are few models I would rather spend the rest of my life with over her.

This image is of Erin at Cascade River State Park.  We had one heck of a time getting her off of that log and back to safety.  Those rapids were quite strong and about chest high.

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D.L. Wood said...

We are looking forward to your visit. The beer is cold and ready to soothe a dry throat after some good conversation.

D.L. Wood