Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Liga Cubana No. 2

This cigar was dressed in blue ribbons and had a really nice looking band. The color of the wrapper looked super as well.
I was excited about trying this one as I like most of the PDR sticks of their higher end lines.
Construction was very good and the cap was solid and thick. Pre-light draw brought barn yard flavors and toast.
Lit I picked up on black pepper, but not over powering, along with dark black coffee. As it progressed I was getting subtle hints of oak and moss. Reminded me of a walk in the woods after a spring rain.
This was a first rate cigar.
What would I pay? $10. in a cigar store, and it would be well worth that to me.

This image was from a one time shoot with a local gal.  She was fun to work with and we had ourselves one heck of a day, working first in the studio to loosen up and then moving outdoors where the real photography began.  

I am not actually home when you will be reading this.  I will be somewhere between Chicago and Bloomington, Indiana with a model in tow.  This post was written back on 4/27.  Of course I could be sitting on the side of some interstate highway with a broken down car as well.  But one should not talk about Golden Hooves like that.  It might jinx things.  

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