Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown

During part of the oral arguments on Arizona vs Obama the Federal person was making a point that illegal immigrants were only to be handled by Federal Law Enforcement because it was a Federal Law not a state controlled thing.  And that the state had no right to adopt a Federal Law as State Law.
One of the justices interrupted and pointed out that it was a Federal Law that you can not rob a bank.  Does that mean that states can not make it a law that you can not rob a bank?  Wouldn't that be silly.
Point well made Mr. Justice, whoever you were.

This cigar was part of a sample group I received awhile back.  I generally like anything put out by PDR with the exception of their economy line cigars.
This has a very nice medium dark wrapper and construction is first class.
A good solid triple cap and firm feeling throughout.
Lighting brought up a nice leather taste right off the bat and the smoke was smooth and creamy.
If you are looking for a smoke that changes as you go, this is not the one for you.  But if you enjoy a cigar that maintain the same wonderful flavor from start to finish this is the one for you.  It was as consistent as a cigar could be from start right down to the nub that I was left holding between two fingers.
Most enjoyable.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

Anybody beside me find this story a bit hokie?  Our secret agent, working as an undercover terrorist bomb maker, makes a bomb and then turns himself in just in time to make Obama look like he is fighting terror as election rolls around.
So we made the bomb.  We planned on blowing up one of our own airliners (we had not decided which just yet). And we are saying we have thwarted a terror attack.
Did I get off on the wrong side of the bus?  People aren't buying this I hope.  Although people are not known for their smarts.
I think the entire CIA should be shit canned for dreaming up this idiotic idea in the first place.  If this is as good as their brains work, no wonder we are in the gutter in terms of intelligence.  They should remove that word from their names sake.  Central Non-Intelligence Agency is more fitting.  But this moronic idea is in keeping with the Idiot in the White House who was elected by other idiots who just had to have a black guy in.  Anybody who voted for Obama should have their voting privileges revoked as it is obvious they never even looked at who this fellow was, or his record, of which he had none.  A black man was the only thing they saw.  And people like that should not be allowed to elect someone to represent America.
Double agent!   My ass!

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RandJ-Photo said...

I doubt if this charade goes as far as the White House. I think it is some CIA losers trying to keep their jobs.

First they tell us that this group sent a bunch of guys over here, learned how to fly commercial jets, managed to hit a building at exactly the right place with two planes to bring the building down. Then they followed that up with some guy too stupid to light a fuse in his underwear?

Now we're supposed to believe that they managed to infiltrate the only bunch working on a devious plan and made off with the only bomb made.