Thursday, May 3, 2012

Padilla Series 2010 Capa-Maduro

This is very similar to the 2010 series I reviewed a couple of days ago, only in a maduro wrapper.  And once again construction was perfect.  The wrapper leaf was beautiful to look at and hold in my fingers.  It is no secret that I do love my maduro leaves.  That dark oily leaf just looks and feels great, and the sweetness of that fermented leaf is heaven.
If you remember my review of the Series 2010 Capa-Habano you will mirror what I experienced with this smoke, only a bit of sweetness(not a heavy sweetness like some maduros) mingled in with the wonderful flavors of the tobacco, imparted from the maduro wrapper.
Great cigar.  Almost two solid hours of enjoyment.

Happiness is a good selection of cigars to choose from.
And once again I would pay $9.00 in a cigar store for this treat.  Maybe a bit more.

No lovely ladies today.

When you enter a blogger site that has mature content ahead they give you the option of proceeding or hitting the GRAY BUTTON and being taken elsewhere.  Anybody ever hit that GRAY BUTTON?  Ever wonder where it would take you if you did?  Sort of scary, isn't it?  will I be sucked down a vortex never to be heard from again?  Will Google try and sell me more of Google Plus?  Will I ever get another email birthday card?
One button you know what you are getting into.  Naked women.  The other GRAY BUTTON is a mystery of unknown.  Damn right it is scary.
I once ended up on, Bathing Suits For Muslims.  Now that was scary!  Not for the weak of heart, let me tell you.
Why can't Blogger just put a warning of danger ahead.  If you don't want to go there and you are not smart enough to back up one step to where you were happy being one click before, then you probably should not be around a computer.  Why must we be transported to somewhere we don't have any interest in going?
I don't like companies that prey on humans stupidity.  Granted there is a lot of it going around.  The stupidity part.  But companies that market themselves for stupidity just add to the overall moronic state humans are already in.
I will never buy Ivory dish soap for just this reason.  I will never buy Alka Seltzer for just this reason.
Politicians are the same.  We know that we should not believe anything they say when they are running for an office during an election.  We know they are lying and will not keep any promise they are making to us.  And then we go ahead and elect them anyway.  ???????    Rather than campaigns to, Get Out And Vote, we should have a campaign to, Do not Get Out An Vote.  Don't elect anyone.  See where that leaves this silly, idiotic Government.
There is a revolution in the air.
I find it flabbergasting that America was founded because we declared war against England to be free from her rule.   And now we have in our Constitution a statute that says if you are a citizen of the U.S. and declare war against the U.S. you are guilty of, Treason.
I do believe it is time for another war of independence.


RandJ-Photo said...

Look at the Civil War. The South got fed up with the crap from the north, not slavery as we're told in school, but tariffs and bullshit politics. So they seceded from the union. we all know what happened then.
There are people on the South that feel like we're living in an occupied land.

D.L. Wood said...

Finally a shot of some cigars. Would liked at least one naked though.

D.L. Wood