Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man O War Virtue

Another one from my session with the local gal in the studio.

On to the cigar of the moment.  
This is a light colored, Connecticut Seed wrapper and I was skeptical.  Most of the time I find these to have a metallic taste that I don't care for.  Not so here.  This had a nice cream taste.  Very pleasant.  
On the light I found oak, nuts, and toast.  This was not like other Man O War cigars that I have tried that are very full bodied, this one was about in the medium range and was a nice treat from strong cigars that I have been smoking lately.  
The burn was excellent and I smoked this right down to the nub.  I wouldn't mind a box or two of these laying about the house for times when I was looking for something milder.
What would I pay?  $8.50 in a cigar store.

I should be heading toward the canyons on the Indiana/Illinois border with my model today.  Last night was the Kinsey Institute Erotic Show, and I'm sure we had a great time there.
This post was written on 4/28.

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