Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Macanudo Cafe

Three Sisters
This is a Connecticut Shade wrapper over Dominican and Mexican fillers.  These are another mainstay cigar in any humidor.  A mild to mild-medium smoke that is good for mornings when you feel the need for a smoke but are not quite ready to tackle a strong stick.
These are consistently even burning, and good.  I never have to worry about how it is going to burn and what flavors I am going to be surprised by.  Always an even oak and leather flavor with just a dash of pepper.
I just finished mine and I smoked it right down to the nub where I was holding it like it was some wacky weed cigarette.
A very good morning smoke.
What would I pay?  $6.50 in a cigar store.

The trouble with THIS is people will read it and think, Oh that poor man.
He is in the middle of a country where we are killing people with drones.  He is there with armed guards surrounding his house to protect him (didn't work too well).  And why is he there?  His company would have you believe he was there attempting to help the people of Pakistan build a better economic base for themselves instead of operating a very low cost labor camp for garment manufacturing that they would be importing into the U.S.
Now we will watch and see how "The Idiot" in the White House will react.  He knows what this guy was doing there.  Bet he doesn't get on the TV and say, This fellow was attempting to use Pakistan people and paying them next to nothing to make garments to import into the U.S.  I bet he doesn't say, I have been aware of this and encouraged our U.S. based companies to ravish Pakistan and use the people there basically as slaves.
I bet he will say, Our fight against Al Qaeda will not swayed by terror demands, and if anything it will cause us to increase our fight to eliminate them.
You watch and see.....
They will kill that fellow and Obama will use it to portray himself as a strong leader who sacrificed an American, father, husband in a tough decision to stand ground against terror for our freedom.
And what a crock it will all be.

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RandJ-Photo said...

Their logic is kind of flawed too.

"If you don't stop sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers in to kill and possibly be killed while blowing up the country side we'll kill this guy and tell everyone it's your fault." Nya, nya, nya.

When they kill him it will just become another example used to justify the continued destruction and killing we've become so adept at. And an excuse to invade Pakistan which is probably the ultimate goal of somebody.