Sunday, May 20, 2012

La Gloria (Plain Jane)

La Gloria (General Cigar) makes some really nice, and really expensive cigars.  Their plain Jane version called just, Cubana is a good everyday smoke that will not break your bank.  A box of 25 will only set you back about 90 dollars, which isn't too bad for a good smoke.
What is there to say?  Wonderful white pepper, toast, coffee, oak and barn yard flavors come out in this stick as you go from one end to the other.  Burn is always good and construction is nice.  A bit lumpy in the fingers, but I like that.  Cigars that are molded into perfectly smooth sticks always seem like they were made by a machine and have lost that handmade feel.  I want imperfection in the cigar I am holding.
Buy a box, you won't regret it.

Today I return my borrowed model to Chicago and head back south toward St. Louis.  But first I will stop in LaSalle, Illinois and work with a model in the sand stone canyons there tomorrow.  I have just finished up working with a young gal and will be spending the rest of this trip working with the older set.  Next stop is a 50+ lady that looks like she will be fun to toss around in the rivers and cliffs.  

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