Monday, May 28, 2012

Festus ??? I hope it doesn't look like it sounds!

CSI is on the  motel TV.  From the "Uninterested Sex" series.

Blogger is misbehaving again. I can't seem to make it margin where it should be going.
No matter.
Well, I should be home.  I'm not sure if I got there just yet as I am writing this on Tuesday, May 22nd from Festus, Missouri.  
The last few days have produced some wonderful models and some really great images.  The one above was a trial shoot of indifferent females when it comes to sex.  I think the point was given rather well.
Good thing it was not for real or I would have gotten some complex going that I probably would never have recovered from.

Golden Hooves has performed beautifully on the trip and I think she even perked up a bit knowing she was back in charge.  when you read this i should have been back home for two days.  

Lots of great work to follow.

Blogger is driving me away.  They keep changing things without letting us know, and this last change is a bad thing.  They have pushed me to the limit and I am considering going a different direction.

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