Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cohiba Extra Vigoroso

I probably should have taken a break before smoking this cigar.  I had been puffing on them all day and decided to give this a try.  After five or six cigars my taste buds were not in the best condition to give this a good evaluation, but I did it anyway.
This is the dark Cohiba with the brown band.  A great looking cigar with a very thick cap that lends itself well to a punch.
The wrapper imparted a nice chocolaty coffee taste on pre-light.
After lit I was at odds to find any flavor.  Like I said, my taste buds probably were overcome from smoking all day long.  
The cigar burned well and I did smoke it down to the nub.  But I am sorry to report that I found little flavor in the whole thing, and that probably was my fault.  I shall report again on this stick at a later date just to be fair.
For now....Enjoy Sarah Jean in our enactment of, Death On The River.
She has not been made pale looking in some Photoshop type stuff.  The river was about 40 degrees that day and she just turned white after a few minutes on her own.  Made a nice effect.

Sarah Jean
Should be heading toward home today.  It is a long drive and I may or may not make it in one day.

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D.L. Wood said...

I think only you could make having a model in 40 degree water and turning white as her body tries to stay alive sound like a good thing. 8-)

D.L. Wood