Thursday, May 17, 2012

CAO America

I like most offerings from CAO. Their Gold, MX2, and Brazilia are some of my favorite cigars in the world.
This one, the America is an odd duck. Looks like a damn barber pole with stripped wrapper of different colors.
I was anxious to give it a try but was not expecting it to be that great a smoke, and I was not disappointed.
The two different wrappers is not a unique thing to the cigar industry. La Gloria has one that is just wonderful.
On pre-light draw the flavor from the draw was little to none, but the flavor of that dark wrapper on my lips gave off a really great taste of coffee and leather. Turns out that was the best this cigar had to offer. After lighting those wonderful tastes were lost in the harshness of the smoke. The burn was even and good, but there was little flavor. Strong smoke was the best I could describe this one. Like I stuck my head into a fireplace before the wood got going really well and breathed in the wood smoke. Not really all that pleasant. It didn't get any better, nor did it get any worse. I smoked the whole stick but would have been much happier if I had not lit it in the first place.

Okay, rant time.
I understand handicapped parking rules.  And I am a strong supporter of those rules.  But big, fat people should not be allowed to use them or get handicapped parking privileges.  Just because you eat like you are a pig and sit around all day in a big soft recliner instead of exercising your body should not give anyone the right to horde parking spaces near the store.  If anything these big, fat people should be made to park at the far end of the lot so they have to walk a long way.  At least it would force them to get a bit of exercise.  
Handicapped means you are not capable of something because you were born with a defect or you were injured.  Handicapped does not apply to big, fat people because they are pig eaters who lay around doing nothing.  This law needs to be re-written to exclude big, fat people who are lazy bastards.  Give up a close parking spot to these pigs?  You have got to be kidding.

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