Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Vegas Relic

I find the DNR and all of the agencies involved in trying to stop the spread of Zebra Muscles, Asian Carp, Millfoil, and anything else quite humorous.  Billions of dollars will be spent and what do you think is going to happen?  Mother nature will prevail and they will spread anyway.  You can't stop it.  You might be able to slow it down for a couple of years, but in 20 years those couple of years and billions of dollars spent putting up electric fences, patrolling for Zebra Muscles, and trying to eradicate Millfoil will have been for naught.
Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to take the money we are spending on fruitless efforts to stop the spread of this stuff and put it toward, What and how are we going to have to change things in the future to deal with what we will have then?
Tired Abs
People are not very bright.

This is one surprising stogie.  A puro from the Dominican Republic no less.
An exclusive Corojo leaf grown only for this cigar covers this baby and feels great in the hand.
Inside is a 12 year old Piloto leaf.
This is a Figurado style cigar that is tapered at both end but unlike most it is triple capped.  Wow!
Construction is not the best I have seen but it looks like it will hold together and that is all that counts at this point in time.  A bit lumpy, and that is not bad either.
Pre-light the stick gives off a nice barnyard smell.  Always a plus in my book.
Burn:  Roasted nuts and coffee.  Wonderful!
Then stepped in Earth and cinnamon for the second half.  All smooth and creamy.  
Conclusion:  This was one hidden treat.  I will certainly buy more of these sticks in the future.  
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.  But you are in luck.  They sell for about $4.50 through Cigar International, which is the only place I have run across them so far.

Tomorrow morning at COD (Crack "O" Dawn) I take off for my annual trip. I will be shooting with nine models in ten days.  Three of those day will be spent with my Chicago model while we go to the Kinsey Show and then head to the canyons for some nude in landscape work.  In the evenings we will work in the hotel rooms.
It is going to be busy.  Seven states; nine models; ten days.  Me and Golden Hooves.


Dave Levingston said...

Have fun. Say hi to the Kinsey folk for me. Daughter is getting married off this weekend, or I'd try to figure out a way to come over and annoy you while you are down this way.

Shadowscapestudio said...

Thanks, Dave.
You will no doubt have as good a time with the wedding.
Try and do something that will embarrass your daughter. Makes for good stories later in life.