Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 Vegas Miami

This is a cigar that Don Pepin had his hand in creating.  It is wrapped in a wonderful feeling Corojo wrapper that feels oily in your fingers.  There has been a lot of buzzing going on about this cigar lately.  5 Vegas has reserved this cigar for basically....themselves in the past because the material for the blend was so little they could not mass produce them for the public.
Lake Superior Challenge
Enter Old man Pepin to the rescue and with his help 5 Vegas was able to get enough of the right type of tobacco leaves to give it a go.  Still, it will be hard to come by because of the limited run.
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one (1).
I like feeling this cigar so much I am going to spend a few more minuted just holding it before I begin.
Well constructed with a reasonable cap.  There is one tiny spot where the Corojo wrapper has a nick in it but I don't think it will affect the smoke.  It will likely come unraveled on me as I tend to get a little rough with these wrappers.  One should sit still, and stay put when smoking a Corojo wrapped cigar.  They are just as bad as a Cameroon wrapper for wanting to fly off the stick.
I will try to be careful, but I make no promises.  If it does come apart I'm sure it will be my fault and not the cigar manufacture.
Cold draw was a little bit of a black cherrieness to it.  Sort of reminded my of Dr. Pepper soft drink, only very faint.
The wrapper has a tiny sweetness to it that is pleasant.
Lighting:  Right away a little harshness kicked in that I was not overly fond of.   I was expecting it to be a little more smooth and creamy, much like a Padilla Miami.  And that was probably a bad assumption to make.  Just because they use the same name for their cigar does not mean they are going to be anything alike.  Although the idea behind all the Miami blends is suppose to be like a cigar that is made in Miami, which a lot of them are.  Hence they should taste similar.  Hence, they don't because the tobaccos come from all over the place, stupid.
Back to this 5 Vegas Miami.
I am having a hard time picking out flavors as the harshness is over powering my taste buds.  I probably should have let this stick age for a few months in the humidor before jumping on it.  Too late now.
Midpoint:  The harshness is mellowing and there is a leather flavor coming out nicely now.  Burn is good and even.
Boy oh boy, this thing has done a 180.  The harshness is all but gone and the second have has cranked up some wonderful flavors.  Oak, leather, earth.
I have managed to keep the wrapper intact too!  It is snowing to beat hell at the moment so my stroll about in the woods with this cigar, that I had planned on doing was put on hold and I have been enjoying this while looking out the window.
When I lit this thing up I would not have given you $3.00 for it, but about midpoint I would have given you $9.00.  So what?  So buttons in your underwear.
Bottom line is I really enjoyed the second half of this cigar.  If anyone wants to smoke the first half for me, you got a deal.
What would I pay?  $6.00 in a cigar store.

I honestly do not know who this gal is in Lake Superior.  I can narrow it down to two possibilities but not sure from there.  It is either Sarah Jean or Jesse Cotton.  I could look it up in my records but that is more work than I care to invest at this point.
Problem with old age setting in.  You forget these things.

There are always unfair things that happen in life, but one that bugs me is when I decide to cook myself a nice soft boiled egg.  I like to eat them like you would a hard boiled one, peeling it and just taking a bite while it is still hot.  Needs to be soft boiled so you have to be careful the yoke doesn't run down your arm.
Then the unfair thing happens.  The egg doesn't want to peel and you end up taking big hunks of it off with the shell.

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