Friday, April 27, 2012

Tony Borhani Bahia Trinidad

My Moose ~Cheryl   Somewhere in southern California
This is a 1996 Corojo wrapper that is produced in Nicaragua.  The wrapper leaf is a beauty but the quality of construction seemed to be lacking a bit as there was some separation issues.  I was hoping it was not going to be a leaker.   Turned out it was okay and started out with a sweet wood flavor.  Further into it the black pepper came into play.  All the while it was creamy and smooth, never once biting or burning your throat.
The burn was even and the ash was strong.
I walked in the woods with my wife while I smoked this.  We scared a beaver away from a 75 foot tree he was attempting to cut down and was only about half way through with I when we broke in on his tea party.  Tomorrow I may take it down for him/her and make an end table out of the work he did today, providing he does not return tonight and finish the job.
This was a good cigar for that walk and not overly potent so as to grab my full attention away from the warm evening we were enjoying.
All in all a good cigar.  Not one that will forever stick out in my mind, but good none the less.
What would I pay?  $7.00 in a cigar store.

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