Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rocky Patel Connecticut

Sarah Jean
I am a big fan of Rocky Patel Vintage series cigars, their Uppercut series, and their edge series, so I was somewhat excited about trying their Connecticut.
What I found was something I did not care for.  The cigar looks hansom and is well made, but when I put it to my lips it tasted like...well... metallic.  When I lit it it tasted metallic.  When my wife walked into the room she said, "That is one stinky cigar.  Smells metallic."
Nuff said.  Don't waste your money.
What would I pay?  Zippo!

I have a life.
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RandJ-Photo said...

Facebook is ModelMayhem without nudity.

D.L. Wood said...

My Facebook is my face in front of a book.

D.L. Wood