Monday, April 30, 2012

Padilla Series 2010 Capa-habano

I am a big fan of most Padilla (pronounced Pa-dee-a) products and was anxious to give this a try.
Construction was first rate and the cap was solid although a bit thin.  The wrapper leaf was very blotchy, but I don't hold that against a cigar as I do not buy them for the looks but for the taste.
Solid and firm throughout.
Lighting it came up with a bit of a bite, but not too bad of a bite.  Wonderful subtle flavors of oak and leather for the start which switched to a nutty flavor about mid point, and that always favorite barn yard smell.
Hints of spice darted in and out during the entire smoke although you needed to be paying close attention or they flitted by.
All in all it was most enjoyable.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

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