Friday, April 20, 2012

La Riqueza D' Clouet 16

This is a fairly new cigar by Tatuaje.  A Nicaraguan filler encased by a dark natural Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  This is only available in a few select cigar stores and may be tough to find.   There are other La Rigueza smokes out there of course, but this new one has yet to hit mainstream.
Box pressed and firm throughout with no soft spots.  Not the prettiest looking cigar I have held, but not too bad.  A so-so sort of thing.  Cap was a reasonable thickness without sharing too many of their precious leaves.
First puff left a bitter after taste in my mouth that I did not care for one bit.  I don't mind burning cardboard taste but  don't care to have the ashes of burnt cardboard in my mouth and that is was this was like.
I pressed on hoping it would change or mellow as I went.
Much disappointment followed.  My mouth turned very dry and I actually had grit in my mouth from the wrapper that was grinding between my teeth.
Two thumbs down for this smoke.
What would I pay?  Nada.

Mystery of life #541
Women use knives as a disposable item.
Every kitchen knife has a bent tip because they used it to pry at something.
Men keep their good knives locked up, or hidden from women.  It is the only way to ensure there is a good knife when we go to use one.  

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