Wednesday, April 11, 2012

La Aurora Ecuador

Sarah Jean in Arkansas
This stick has a sun grown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.  I don't remember where I got this one and it may have come in a sample pack I had bought.
It is a beautiful cigar and tapered at both ends.  It has Cuban, Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler and is packed well and tight.  No soft spots.
It started out with a creamy mix of wood and espresso, with the second half filling in with nut.
This was a very good cigar.  I have not the faintest idea what these cost.
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.

Getting back to yesterday's post.
The email from my friend (obviously one of those email that limp wrist pansies that are so weak minded they believe this stuff and want you to pass on in an attempt to propagate this propaganda) state a comparrison between the Mayor of Detroit and Mayor Daily (The old Man, not the stupid kid they just got out of there) of Chicago.  Corrupt, I believe was the term used.
Let me state as a resident of Chicago area for forty some years that I loved Daily.  There could not have been a better mayor than he was.  Corrupt?  You bet.  So what?
If you wanted a street light outside your was put up the next day.  You wanted your sidewalk shoveled of was done the next day.
Daily took care of the people of Chicago and Chicago itself.  If he was corrupt, what difference did it make to anyone who lived in Chicago.  That was not a question but a statement.
He ran the city well and it did not fall into ruin as did Detroit.  And it is many times the size of little Detroit.
No, corruption is not always a bad thing, as long as the governing territory is taken care of and the people it represents are taken care of.  And such is Illinois politics.  The third largest city in the U.S. and the people who live there are happy with the way it is run.  If it takes a bit of corruption to make it work well, then go for it.
Corruption when it goes a rye can be deadly.  Corruption when it is a controlled process can be helpful.
Daily was not all that corrupt.  But he did have a large political machine working for him.  Something you don't see these days.  I'm talking....LARGE political machine.  It was called, "The Daily Machine" in numerous books that were published by people wanting to cash in on something they had nothing to do with.
When the people of a city as large as Chicago would have re-elected this man to term of mayor for as long as he know they were content with the way he ran the city.  As it was he served from 1955 to 1976 as mayor and only relinquished the office because of death.
His son who was mayor from 1989 to 2011 was a clown and did more damage to Chicago than any mayor in my lifetime.
Seems this new one will continue in his footsteps and drive Chicago to it's knees, as happened in Detroit.
I'm glad I'm not there anymore.

For those of you who have an interest, and for those of you who do not, here is what I deal with living up here in northern Minnesota:
Ordered something from Pennsylvania the other day.  Shipped via UPS.  They sent it across half the country to Grand Rapids, which is 30 miles from my home.  Now mind you UPS sends a truck every day from Grand Rapids up to my area.  Every day.  Do they send it on the UPS truck?  No.  In Grand Rapids they put it in the U.S. Mail.  Now instead of getting it this afternoon on the UPS truck that will no doubt drive past my house, I will get it in three more days.
You will note UPS declared it as having arrived at its destination at Grand Rapids, not when it arrived at the address it was going to.
Gotta love U.S. businesses.  No wonder companies go out of the country to get things done.

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