Monday, April 23, 2012

Hoyo Excalibur Dark Knight


I did a review of the Cameroon wrapper of this cigar back in February.  This is a maduro version made with a Connecticut Broadleaf.  This maduro imparts a nice chocolate flavor but not over powered by the filler as so many cigars these days want to do.  A medium bodied cigar that allows you to enjoy the flavor without that burning, gasping mix of full power stuff the cigar industry is attempting to sell these days.  
This one allows you to savor the maduro wrapper because you can actually taste it.
As with all Hoyo cigars this one is bumpy and veins stick out of the leaf all over the place.  I like that.  Who wants a smooth perfectly formed in a mold cigar?  Not I.
The cap is thick and solid.  Another great feature of the Dark Knight.
One has to finger this stick for awhile before getting around to ultimately smoking it.  It feels wonderful in the hands.  Makes you think of that young, Cuban girl once again.
As always the smoking experience of the Black Knight is a treat.  Cedar, leather, cherry.  They are all in there.  Then there is the coffee and bittersweet chocolate from the maduro wrapper.  Heaven could never be this wonderful.  You can go, I'll stay right here where the Dark Knight is made.
What would I pay?  $12.00 in a cigar store.  However, they are much cheaper than that.

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