Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gurkha Empire IV

I am excited about trying this one only because of the wrapper.  It has a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, of which I am a huge fan.  This leaf has that dark maduro look to it but less sweet.  It is found notably on some of my favorite cigars, such as, the CAO Brazillia, Carlos Torano Signature collection and Alec Bradley's Trilogy series.
Pre-light.  Nothing really notable about the stick itself.  Well made and well packed.  The wrapper has that dark but not so oily look like other Arapiraca wrapped cigars.  A cold draw experienced a somewhat barnyard taste that was nice  and the flavor of the wrapper was enough to bring a smile to my kisser.  I do like these leaves.
Lighting-Nothing to write home about.  Flavor was woody and a little spice.  Good, even burn down to the nub. A little tight on the draw but I opened it up a bit by messaging the tip between my thumb and forefinger.
There was no change in the flavor from start to finish.  If you are looking for excitement in your cigar, this is not the one for you.  This is for working in the yard.  A good smoke, but uneventful and unchanging.  The best part being the flavor of the wrapper and the fact that I didn't need to pay attention to it.  So I finished the last half while splitting firewood.
Bottom line:  A good smoke without the bells and whistles.
What would I pay?  $8.00 in a cigar store.

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