Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ave Maria Holy Grail

This is an impressive looking cigar that raises hell in a humidor because of its shape and size.
Produced by A.J.Fernandez who makes the 5 Vegas, Diesel, and the G2 Turbo, this sports a Habano wrapper over Nicaraguan tobacco.
You have got to be a fan of pepper for this one.  It starts out peppery with a moss and earth flavor.  Very nice and mellow, but then builds and by mid cigar it is very peppery with walnuts hints poking in and out of the mix.
The cigar burns nice and even but appears to be a little hot on the burn.
This would be a good cigar with a pale ale.
Most enjoyable although it would have been better if it was a cooler smoke.
What would I pay?  $8.00 in a cigar store.

Does anybody else get tired of things that make noise?
The micro wave beeps at me when it is done.  The over beeps at me when it is up to temperature.  The dryer beeps at me when the cycle is finished.  The car beeps at me when the lights are left on or the key is left in.  Everything wants to beep at me and I have had enough of this racket.  Seems the world can't survive without some noise going on.  If there is a moment of peace and quiet somebody will turn on a radio or television set.  It is maddening.  What is wrong with quiet?  Quiet is good.
City people don't get quiet.  They have traffic or the neighbors air conditioner running, or jet planes going overhead.  They probably don't notice the water kettle beeping when the water is boiling.  I do!  And i am about to rip all the things that beep at me out of the contraptions they are in.  If I wanted noise I would move to Minneapolis.

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D.L. Wood said...

I just wish I sold all those beepers.

That's why I don't think I could work at a fast food place. There are more loud beeps going on than anything else. Bugs me and I'm just a customer.

I like the image. The title could fit there too.

D.L. Wood