Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Vegas Classic 55

Me & Abs
This is a very nice looking, box pressed cigar with almost hospital corners.  A good feel with no soft spots noted and a plain looking tobacco leaf wrapper made from Sumatra leaves.  This wrapper has a dull finish and it makes you think there should have been something more done, but you can't think of what it could be.
The cap was reasonable, about three layers but not super thick.  Draw was a little tight.
The smoke from this cigar is white, whereas most cigars create a sort of bluish smoke.
A very mild cigar with hints of pepper, spice and cocoa.
I think this is rated as a medium bodied stick but I would put it more in the mild category.
Burn was consistent and even throughout. A most enjoyable hour and fifteen minute smoke without any surprises one way or another.  Pretty much a consistent flavor from start to finish.  If you are one of those people who like the flavors to mix and change as they work their way through a cigar, this is not for you.
What would I pay?  $5.00 in a cigar store.

Okay, this is my ticket for a wonderful Presidential ticket:
Jan Brewer for President.
Bobby Jindal as Vice President.

Jan understands keeping our borders protected and has done wonderful step to do so even though the U.S. Government has battled against her because they have not done their job and don't want to look bad.
Bobby tells it like it is.  When BP dumped the oil in the gulf he aid, "If you don't get your ass down here and clean up your mess, I will, and I will send you a bill".
Two people who are willing to stand up to Governmental stupidity.
If they ran I would be the first in line to vote for them.
What we got.....I care not to vote for any of them.
I am not one who is willing to vote for the lesser of the evils.  All of the candidates running for the office of President are morons.  All of them.
Jan.......   Please run for president next election!  We need you.

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