Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man O War Ruination

I am not impressed with the name of this cigar.  Let's hope it is a better smoke than the idiots who think up stupid names like this cast such a great shadow of a doubt.  I wouldn't want one in my humidor just because of the stupid name on it.  I wouldn't care if it was the best smoking cigar in the world.
Down to the nitty gritty.  One of AJ Fernandez creations (Produces Rocky Patel's Fusion, Padilla's Habano & Sol Cubano's Cuban Cabinet) that is reputed to be a very strong cigar.
Made mostly with ligero leaves (leaves toward the top of the tobacco plant that are harvested last over many pickings and have become the strongest in flavor and texture as they matured) of Cuban Seed and Nicaraguan tobacco and wrapped in an oily Habano Ecuadorian leaf.
What they said: A ton of spice with nuances of black pepper and a sweet after taste.  Earth, leather and a hint of oak round out a full bodied experience.
They got every description in there but the kitchen sink.  We shall see.
What I say:  Ugly, non nondescript label that goes along with this stupid name.  Another embarrassment  to a fine humidor cabinet.
Once reduced to its birthday suit this is a hansom looking cigar.  The wrapper is a wonderful milk chocolate brown and constructed beautifully.  Mild smelling and i was hoping that it would perk up when lit.  I was expecting a full bodied cigar and, although I enjoy a medium bodied cigar more, was set for just such a smoke.
I did love the feel of this baby and ran it around in my fingers for a few minutes before the serious part began. One of those cigars you think is going to leave your hand all full of oil but doesn't.
I used a punch on this expecting a thick layer of cap.  Not so.  Looked to be one leaf worth of cap there.  A little disappointment felt there.
Toasting of the foot produced a nice smell but the burn was not even, with areas not seemingly wanting to glow no matter how long the flame was applied.  I investigated further and found that these areas were packed tightly, while other areas were looser.  I will give that more interest should it become an issue with the burn, but for now I will dismiss anymore thoughts along those lines.
After the light:  Oh come now!  I thought this was going to be a throat ripping barrel of spice and peel the top of your head off cigar.  First off i would rate it more as a medium bodied cigar with a lot of black pepper that hits you in the back of the throat.  Again, I don't see any of this spice, spice, spice, unless they are calling black pepper spice, and then in that case I would agree.  The pepper is such a high concentration that this could very well become a favorite of mine, if it were only for a label and name change.  Thick blue smoke enveloped me and I was off in Never Never Land.  A hearty burst of leather came into play about a quarter of an inch into this stick.
The draw was even and medium and whatever thoughts I might have had about the spotty, dense packing was gone.  Burn was even throughout.
This is a long time cigar, so don't light one if you only have an hour to play.  You will be letting half of it go out for another time.  And we all know that second burn will never be like the first burn.
What would I pay?  $9.00 in a cigar store.

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