Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who's who?

Sarah Jean

Shooting faceless models in landscapes often leads to mistakes.  I have noted over the years several models who have grabbed an image out of one of my on-line portfolios (perfectly okay with me) thinking was them and putting it in their on-line portfolios.  Honest mistakes.
I have been known to put up an image and take my best guess as to who the model was, sometimes having no idea.  And I have been wrong.  Usually the model who the image is of will let me know I goofed.
Last night I was revisiting MuseCube, a wonderful model/photographer site that seems quite empty since M.M. came into being and the kids flocked there to hang out.  With them went the photographers and models because the numbers were now at M.M.  Unfortunately M.M. is crap, whereas MuseCube is built for professional minded people.  But like I said, not many people there these days.  The owner of the site is revamping and hoping it will become a place to be.  I hope he succeeds because M.M. has left me totally cold.
But while I was kicking around MuseCube I came across the portfolio of an old friend, Jesse Cotton.  I have not spoken with her in years and do not know if she is even in the modeling world these days.  I noted one of my images in her portfolio, a portfolio that she has not visited herself since 2008.  The image was not of her.  She had it listed as being taken on the north shore of Lake Superior.  Not only was it not of her but it was not taken on the Lake Superior shore.  It was taken on a little river near my home and was of Sarah Jean.
Those two models look very much alike from the back.  Both have long red hair and wonderful figures for their size, and from the back I would have trouble myself telling who was who.  But I do know that image and who it was of.
I won't make an attempt to track Jesse down and let her know.  Sarah Jean won't care and since Jesse has not been to that model/photographer site since 2008 I don't guess she really cares either.
I actually have a large print hanging in my living room of one of these two gals swimming underwater.  Off the top of my head I don't know which one it is.  I could look up the photo shoot and figure it out, but I'm not that interested to know.   I just like the photo.

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Sunshine in the Desert said...

Went on MM last night to see if you were still there - yep, you were!

You should join Deviant Art my friend. It is an ACTIVE art nude community there.