Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Artistic Physique

I ask you....We send people out there to KILL people.  End their life.  Take them away from their families forever.  But then we get upset over this.
So someone pissed on a dead body.  They just Killed him and ended their life forever.
Which was worse?
This race of animals needs to get a grip on reality.  Killing them is okay.  Peeing on them when they are dead is not.
Get a grip!
If this is the way humans react, I am really embarrassed to be a part of this race of creatures.  We are a sorry ass excuse for a species.

It is nice having a studio.  A place where you can go to get away from reality.  A place you can go to be with your artwork and create new artwork.  A place that you can go to and just hang out.
My wife and I have a studio.  A separate building from our home, although a short walk away where we can escape to.  She has her space there and I have mine, although sometime her work invades mine when I have my back turned.
I built a 40X60 building with a 12 foot ceiling that is the home to our work and the creation thereof.  Although I wish I had gone with a 22 foot high ceiling looking back now.  Still, it serves use well and when I say to her after dinner that I am heading to the studio, she knows where I am going and also knows I will be over there enjoying a good cigar while I am framing and matting work or just fiddling about as I am doing now (also with a good cigar).
We have a TV with a VCR and a DVD player there so there is some background noise going on when the need be.  At the moment i have a tape CR tape in of, "Strangers in Good Company" put out by the Nation Film Board of Canada..  A truly great film, although little known.
We have in-floor heat in our studio but prefer to use the barrel stove and firewood.  Something nice about a wood fire and backing up to a hot barrel stove.   Models like it too when they get cold.
I'm not much for creating my art in a studio.  Too confining and too expected.  Once you get the lighting the way you want every image becomes the same old same old, just with different poses.  It lacks the adventure of being a challenge.   Outdoors you need to be on top of things and constantly adjusting camera settings and position to deal with the ever changing light.  Studio work is for the most part.....BORING.  You see photographers with a portfolio full of work that is shot with the same studio set up for each shot.  Sort of like what you see at K-Mart.  Maybe nudes, but same stuff in term of the work involved and the ability to do something creative.
There are some grand studio photographers out there, but few.  These people have a vast array of lighting that they work with in order to create fantastic work.  The rest of the studio (or shoot in your home) people keep putting out the same stuff session after session.  If they are Photoshop nuts they over Photoshop everything in order to make it look like they have created something different.
I don't knock Photoshop nuts, as there are some good ones of those out there too.  But most of the Photoshop nuts just keep turning out glow worms and gals riding on Siberian Tigers.  They do possess talent in that department but lack serious photography skills.  And that is okay I guess.  I do get a bit pissed when they call themselves photographers however.  They are skilled computer animators, not photographers.  But the world needs them too.   Just call yourself what you are and don't invade the world of those who do other things because you want to be one of them as well.
I don't spend a day working feverishly with changing light to make a great image, then adjusting a contrast in Photoshop and call myself a Photoshop wizard.  The same should hold true for a person with a camera that knows nothing about photography but is very knowledgeable about Photoshop and can create a good image from their really crappy camera work.  They should not call themselves good photographers.  They can be good animators.  But this banter will continue for many years to come.

I have been playing with the latest Lightroom beta program (image above) and find it as good, if not better than my Photoshop CS3 program.
I'm not sure if I am willing to spend the money for it when it comes out, but I sure would buy it before I spent the outrageous amount they want for the current Photoshop program.  Adobe has grown way to big for their britches with Photoshop.  Time for them to go the way of the Dodo, or Enron.

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Ian said...

While in Iraq I never got the urge to pee on anyone that we shot but I do have an amusing picture of some of us peeing on a statue of Saddam. I'm sure that will offend someone who thinks statues have feelings too.

One day I hope to have a studio but in the meantime, I've got an extra room that I'm converting into a darkroom. My oldest loves helping me develop 35mm film. That old Nikon you gave me works so well and is very useful in teaching my kids about delayed gratification. While my oldest loves chemicals and paper, she has no desire to learn Photoshop just yet. That makes me happy.