Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The two bald guys

D.L.Wood and myself

D.L.Wood has always made his way to my art openings in Chicago. He and his lovely wife are one of the few things I can actually count on for a show there, along with my son showing up to support his father and being able to spend time with him. Both make for a great time and keep me coming back to Chi Town year after year.
This opening was rather slow and I attribute it to the time of year. A week earlier or a week later would have been more conducive to people being out and about but the second weekend in December has people holed up in their homes having already shopped for the holidays or not yet in the mood.
Still it was a good show and although sparce those who did come seemed receptive to the artwork.
Here we are standing in front of one of the images of Thyia that had been taken on my last trip to the Chicago are when we worked in one of the Cook County Forest Preserves where the mushroom hunters were out and about.
The depth of the image is phenomenal in this shot and makes for just a dandy print.

Back home and I have two weeks of house cleaning and laundry to catch up on along with dealing with some in-law issues that need addressing.
That and about 300 images to edit and get to the gals I worked with on this trip.
I should be very busy for the next few weeks.

The Pittsburgh show ended on November 19th. The host of the show told me in a letter that the artwork would be taken down and shipped out on the 21st of November.
Here it is the 14th of December and my artwork is still leaning against a wall in the backroom of that gallery.
I am pissed to say the least. I have work submitted to another show hosted by this person and I think I will pull my submissions.
A damn piss poor way to deal with peoples artwork.


Sunshine in the Desert said...

D. Keith's artwork was so poorly shipped back from his last gallery show - just a box!!!!! What is wrong with these folks.

D.L. Wood said...

It is always a pleasure for my wife and I to spend some time with you and especially to view your wonderful images in person.

D.L. Wood