Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Photographer at work ~ by Dave L.

If you have not been following the .xxx thing let me fill you in.  They decided to sell domain names with .xxx with the advertised intention that porn sites would adopt this.  It was one of the most brilliant ideas ever conceived.  
Of course no porn site would ever register a domain under this .xxx idea and be lumped into a category that could be tracked; blocked; or monitored.  
What it did do was sell a million .xxx domains to companies; churches; school; etc that did not want their name registered as a .xxx by someone else.  
Like I said, brilliant.     

Several years ago I grabbed up shadowscapestudio.net on top of my shadowscapestudio.com that is my web site.  I figured if I wanted to start an erotic site that would be a natural transfer.  To date I have not used that .net address but have been playing on building such a site recently and may launch it this coming year.  I will keep everyone posted when I get close. 


RandJ-Photo said...

The real money to be made is in flipping them back to their proper owners. That was the beauty of the .net, .org, .wtf extensions. If you had bought pepsi.net and made so utterances about how you were building a sex site for Pesi Love, man they would be all over that and soon buy you out. Still a big part of the domain name business.

People would also buy domain names for cities then wait for the chambers' of commerce to figure out they needed to control their image. You should register marcell.xxx. Might help tourism in the area.

D.L. Wood said...

It's always nice when you keep us posted when you get close. 8-)

If you take out the umbrella and put the hood up - you could almost play - where is the photographer in the image.

The camo prints just get better and better.

D.L. Wood