Sunday, December 4, 2011

Backing up

Local Gal ~ Phallus

Made note of a few things the last two days that I thought were, not revolutionary by any means, but noteworthy.
Went to a cell phone store with my son who needed a new one, I guess. Verizon I believe was the store.
It was a big store. When we walked in there were four people greeting us at the door and I thought how odd as Wal-Mart only has one.
When we got in I noticed they had a hand full of cell phones and accessories spread out so far apart in there you could had condensed it all down into one ten foot counter space. And nine employees standing around talking with each other and nothing to do.
Somebody is paying the bill for all this nonsense. Guess who?
Another reason I will never, ever own a cell phone. I don't want to have a 90 dollar a month phone bill because a bunch of worthless clowns are standing around talking all day with nothing to do.
My kid ends up with a phone and proceeds to go home and sit down and try and figure it out. When I asked him about what all it does he was not sure but said he only uses it to make and get calls and all the other stuff was things he will never use.
They are like cameras these days that are stuffed with a bunch of things we never use but must be made to pay for.
I think his phone was about $350. plus his 90 dollar a month phone bill.
I will stick with my 29 dollar phone bill and a 16 dollar phone that can't leave my house, thank you very much.
I have coffee with three fellows four or five times a week in the mornings. They sit there and push buttons on their phones and stare at the screen and never say a word. I wonder why they even show up.
I had dinner with my grand kids and daughter in law last night. Two of them sat in the restaurant and pushed their buttons on their phones and never spoke a word. Just pushing buttons on their cell phones.
We have bred a race of animals that no longer are able to communicate unless they have an electronic device in their hand, and the world is a much worse place because of it.
Don't try and tell me I'm an old fart that needs to join the 21st century. I see zero reason to down grade myself to that level. More inventions that make things easier does not always make for progress. In the case of cell phones it has caused us to revert to the stone age.

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RandJ-Photo said...

So now I know why you don't answer my test messages.