Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now I will probably drop dead

Another version of Abs & I

It will be time soon for submissions to The Kinsey Institute juried art show. I didn't get in last year....odd, but I attended anyway. Every year I take a model with me to the show and we make a shooting event out of the trip. This year I will be accompanied by Thyia, my wonderful gal from Chicago that has worked hard with me on my erotic sets. I do not know what I am going to submit this year, and probably will make that decision after I find out who the juror is, but will no doubt include some of Thyia's work. It would be nice to have her work in the show for her to see.
Most of the time we have stopped at Starved Rock on the way back to shoot in the canyons there but I am tiring of that location and may explore more of the canyons in western and southern Indiana this trip. Not too many people out and about in May, which makes it nice for my type of work. Although it can be a bit nippy in May.

I managed to secure a show (finally) in Minneapolis at what I consider the city's finest gallery. It has been two years in the making and now looks to be a reality. Another three years out yet, but I have my slot.
Wooooooho! I will be in the company of some pretty big names in the photograph world that have had their work shown there. Most of them were dead prior to their work going on display at this place.
Maybe this isn't such a good thing....
***makes note to get a physical***


Sunshine in the Desert said...

Good luck this year with Kinsey. Sorry our work wasn't a success. Maybe Thyia has a better chance!

abigailic said...

Well these are all things I'm glad to hear.


Shadowscapestudio said...

That I will probably drop dead?