Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is good #81


Just got in a shipment of quality cigars for the trip. The best of the best. One can't head out on a two week trip without a copious supply on hand.
I was like a little kid opening Christmas presents. Then when I had them all laid out on the floor I began to sort them into mild morning cigars, working cigars, fixing dinner over the campfire cigars, after dinner cigars, and special occasion cigars (when you get the shot of shots and you feel like celebrating). 51 in total. All top notch leaves that have been aged for years.
I will get these babies at a perfect 70% humidity and seal them in airtight bags for the trip.
I really should get a couple of those traveling humidors but they just don't hold enough for their size to justify the bulk. Maybe some day someone will design a suitcase size traveling humidor.

The trip is coming together nicely and it looks like I will have very little free time. A day to spend with my son near Chicago and that is about it. The rest will be working. 13 days of shooting and hiking about with some of the loveliest women to grace the planet.
First stop will be five hours south of here where i will be shooting a gal in Minnesota. Then I head to Chicago where my mind already is dancing with the thought of working with Thyia once again. From there I book, and I mean book over to Ohio where I will pick up the person who will be the mainstay of this trip. She and I will hike our butts off. Odin willing, and the river don't rise, will spend five days creating what I think will be some gorgeous stuff. I'm giddy just thinking about it. Then back to Chicago area where I will work with two more ladies. Then off to Iowa. Yes, Iowa, where two farm girls are going to help me wrap up the trip of trips.
Whew! I will be in need of a vacation when this is over.

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Sunshine in the Desert said...

Have fun - guess the Moose really is "toast"!