Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Debt Cut.....My ass

Brooke ~ "Confusing Lines"

I see "The Idiot" has announced his 3 trillion debt cut. Of course it is not a debt cut what-so-ever, but in fact an accounts receivable increase. Tax hike, for those who never took a business course in school.
"We are going to spend just as much money, maybe more, but we are going to increase your taxes so the debt doesn't get bigger".
Wow! Why didn't we think of this wonderful solution before!!!!!!!
This man is a waste of good air.
I wonder just how much more damage he can do to the United States before he leaves office.

The image, above is of course, of the lovely, Brooke. Which reminds me that i have totally forgotten to send her a disc of these. Uh Oh!
Even though the background lines indicate the camera is tilted, it is perfectly level. Shorelines play funny tricks on the brain.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you announce a debt cut?