Sunday, September 11, 2011

And one for Deb

Abigail & I ~ "Friends"

I got a very nice letter Thursday from a lady by the name of Deb who admired the work Abigail and I did together over the years.
Our work was a culmination of art and a deep friendship that merged together and became something very special. I have never again, nor will I likely in the future experience such a relation with a model. And even though we may email each other several times a week, I miss her terribly.

Gert is still in business, amazing as that is. She spends her waking moments sucking up to a wealthy Native American (casino money) in hopes of getting her hands on some. Her behavior seems to be the talk of the area, no matter what bar you go into.
Even the hard core drunks don't want to go into her place because of the way she has been behaving.
The place needs to die and begin life anew with a new owner. I don't know how she manages to keep the light on. Maybe she is getting some from the Indian. He seems to be a reasonable chap and I would think he would know better however.

No, I am not going to talk about 9/11. There are enough sentimental slobs out there doing that today. Frankly, I am sick of listening to them.

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